Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Vision / Mission
To improve the Mental Health and Wellbeing of the Aboriginal community located in the Sydney South West region.


  • Consultation with the Aboriginal community on their needs to implement mental health services and programs.
  • Encourage partnerships between Aboriginal communities and service providers.
  • Promote mental health care and prevention of mental health issues.
  • Improve access to specialists through a culturally appropriate service/s.
  • Promote the Aboriginal mental health and wellbeing through the workforce development training unit.
  • Maintain Aboriginal mental health workers, increase their education, recruitment and retention, to provide the service delivery.
  • The delivery of Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid course to the community.


Consumer Population
To provide a service to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who have a mental health Illness and social and emotional wellbeing problems.

Overview of Services Available
We provide a holistic approach for the client who has a mental health illness. We also will work with mainstream services clinical and non-clinical to improve the psychological and social needs.

How to Refer a Person to the Service
We deal with all age groups, both inpatient and community. Referrals are taken from all sources.
Referral process is under review and Plan to be completed by end of June 2010.

Contact Person and Contact Details
Please refer to the service contact details linked to each Aboriginal Mental Health Service listed by Geographical Sector



List of services by Geographical Sector (LGA)
Bankstown Aboriginal Mental Health
Camperdown Aboriginal Mental Health
Campbelltown Aboriginal Mental Health
Liverpool Aboriginal Mental Health