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Bereavement Counselling Service

After a family member or friend dies, it is important to know there are still supports for you. Friends and family can provide this support but it may be helpful to talk about your experiences outside your immediate circle of family and friends.The bereavement counselling service can provide this support. Counsellors are fully qualifed and trained and are available at Concord and RPA Hospitals. The Bereavement Service has confidential counselling available for family and friends of any one who has been supported by the Palliative Care Team or who live in the Sydney Local Health District and are bereaved. Counselling is provided free of charge. The Bereavement Counselling Service also offers training and education to health professionals in government and non-government organisations.

Bereavement counselling provides support in a non-judgmental way and may help you to:   

  • Identify, understand and express feelings and thoughts
  • Get in touch with your own resources, strengths and coping mechanisms
  • Identify and work with other losses as a result of the death of a family member or friend
  • Adjust to life in the absence of the person
  • Work out how to remember and honour the person who has died

For more information contact the Bereavement Counselling Service on 02 9767 5656.

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