My Wishes
Advance Care Planning Program

Welcome to the Sydney Local Health District My Wishes Advance Care Planning Program

Advance care planning (ACP) is the process of thinking about and communicating with others how you would like to be treated in the future, particularly if you cannot speak for yourself at the time. This may happen if you had a progressive condition like dementia or were too ill to communicate. Undertaking ACP means that if other people have to make decisions for you in the future, then their decisions will better reflect your wishes. It also means that these people can feel more confident in these decisions and not have to "second guess" what you would want to happen.

The My Wishes program has been developed by the Sydney South West Area Health Service in collaboration with local General Practitioners, residential aged care providers and members of the general community. 
The logo for the My Wishes program was developed to reflect that your wishes are a central part of the solution to end-of-life decision-making, even in situations where you can no longer speak for yourself. 
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