Maps of Local Government Areas in
Maps of Local Government Areas in Sydney Local Health District (SLHD)

Each council has a map which shows its geographical coverage and boundaries. Most councils have copyright over their maps so if you wish to reproduce any map contact the relevant council. To access a map of the local government areas in SLHD, follow the links below. With the exception of the City of Sydney, these councils are wholly within SLHD boundaries. SLHD covers approximately 45-50% of the City of Sydney, with the remainder being part of South East Sydney Illawarra Area Health Service.

  1. Ashfield Council

  3. Burwood Council

  5. Canada Bay Council

  7. Canterbury Council

  9. Leichhardt Council

  11. Marrickville Council

  13. Strathfield Council

  15. City of Sydney Council

The City of Sydney map includes suburbs which are covered by SESIAHS.

Less detailed maps of each local government area can also be on the website of the Division of Local Government, NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet using the "Suburb Search" search function. The link is