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Level 11, KGV Building
Missenden Road
Postal address:
Post Office Box M30
Missenden Road NSW 2050

Phone: (02) 9515-6111
Fax: (02) 9515-9610

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Chemical Pathology

Our Research

Our section of the division of pathology is devoted to the measurement of the chemicals, hormones and metabolites that make life possible. Pathology is responsible for the study of all forms of disease, so the activities of our department are extremely broad and diverse. Our research encompasses many disorders which can be classified in terms of the organs or age-groups that they affect, but there is an understandable emphasis on those conditions that cause the greatest amount of death and disability in Australia at the moment.

Key Achievements

The departments main role is in clinical service. The provision of this service enables strong links with other departments in the Hospital and continued involvement with research and development activities as listed below.

  • FAME 1 - Eye.
  • HOPE 3 (Heart Outcomes Prevention evaluation) Define: Now observational study for patients previously treated with anacetrapib.
  • Amgen OSLER 1: A Multi-center , controlled open-label extension (OLE) study to Assess the Long term Safety and Efficacy of AMG 145.
  • Accelerate (EVACETRAPIB): Assessment of clinical effects of cholsteryl ester transfer Protein inhibition with evacetrapib in patients at a high risk for Vascular outcomes.
  • DECLARE -DAPAGLIFLOZIN: Dapagliflozin Effect on CardiovascuLAR Events A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Effect of Dapagliflozin 10 mg Once Daily on the Incidence of Cardiovascular Death, Myocardial Infarction or Ischemic Stroke in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

Research Staff

  • A Prof David Sullivan:- Supervisor
  • A Prof Susan McLennan:- Supervisor
  • A Prof Paul Williams:- Supervisor
  • Dr Philip Paul:- Supervisor

Higher Degree Students:


  • Maryam Abdollahi, (PhD, Role of Neutrophil gelatinase associated Lipocalin-2 in poor wound healing in diabetes, University of Sydney) Supervisors: A/Prof S McLennan, Dr D Min.
  • Linda Ban, (PhD, Microvesicles and their role in liver disease in diabetes, University of Sydney) Supervisors: A/Prof S McLennan, A/Prof N Shackel.
  • Albert Hseish, (PhD, Studies in Graves Disease, University of Sydney). Prof S Twigg, A/Prof E Chua, Prof S Adelstein, A/Prof S McLennan, A/Prof P Williams.
  • Sergio Martinez Huenchullan, (PhD, Muscle extracellular matrix, its role in muscle function in obesity, University of Sydney) Supervisors: Prof S Twigg, Dr Charmaine Tam, A/Prof S McLennan.
  • Surya Sutanto, (PhD, Telomere length attrition in diabetes: exploring associations and cellular mechanisms, University of Sydney) Supervisors: Prof S Twigg, A/Prof S McLennan, Prof Anthony Keech.
  • Aimei Lee, (PhD, The glycoprotein Basigin in liver disease, University of Sydney) Supervisors: A/Prof N Shackel , A/Prof S McLennan, Dr T Tu.
  • Babu Maharjan,(PhD, Markers of fat cell browning, University of Sydney) Supervisors: A/Prof P Williams , A/Prof S McLennan, Prof S Twigg.


  • Rebecca Seehoo, (Masters, Inflammation and diabetic kidney disease, University of Sydney) Supervisors: A/Prof S McLennan, Dr D Min.
  • Taria Ng, (Masters, Matrix metalloproteinases and poor wound healing in diabetes, University of Sydney)Supervisors: A/Prof S McLennan, A/Prof N Shackel.
  • Joanne Malek, (Masters, miRNA and Papillary Thyroid Cancer, University of Sydney) Supervisors: A/Prof S McLennan, A/Prof M Elliott, A/Prof E Chua.
  • Chao Wang, (Masters, Simple biometric scaffolds to improve healing in diabetic wounds, University of Sydney) Supervisors: A/Prof S McLennan, Dr Phil Boughton.
  • Luisa Olaya, (Masters, Detection of Circulating Fetal miRNA and their potential use as biomarkers of fetal anomalies) Supervisors: A/Prof J Hyett, A/Prof S McLennan.


  • Anh Duy Tao (Hons, Matrix metalloproteinases and diabetic nephropathy), Supervisors: A/Prof S McLennan, Dr Danqing Min.
  • Brodie Hookins (Hons, miRNA and stratification of Papillary Thyroid Cancer, University of Sydney Supervisors: A/Prof S McLennan, A/Prof M Elliott, A/Prof E Chua.

Publications and Presentations

Publication Details:
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Abstracts and Presentations at International Meetings

  1. Huaikai Shi, Robert Mc Quilty, Rachael Gray. Toxicant concentrations in Australian sea lion, Neophoca cincerea, pups as a proxy for maternal concentrations. 64th International Conference of Wildlife Disease 2015
  2. Alex Pan, Michael Lynch, Robert McQuilty, Rachael Gray. Spatial and temporal variation in trace element and heavy metal concentrations in the Australian fur seal (Arctocephalus pusillus doriferous). 64th International Conference of Wildlife Disease 2015
  3. BR Maharjan, SM Twigg, C Yee, SV McLennan, PF Williams. Investigating the effect of high fat diet on different fat depot gene expression: is there A stable reference gene? Sergio F Martinez-Huenchullan, Joseph E Power, Christine Yee, Marco Morsch, Susan V McLennan, Stephen M Twigg, Charmaine S Tam. Assessment of neuro-muscular function tests in mouse models of obesity and diabetes. XXII World Congress of Neurology, Santiago, 2015

Abstracts and Presentations at National Meetings

  1. Danqing Min, Jencia Wong, Belinda Brooks, Alireza Rezaeizadeh, Jack Chen, Sarah Aamidor, Christine Yee, Brian Harrisberg, Stephen M. Twigg, Dennis K. Yue and Susan V. McLennan. Monocyte Surface and soluble levels of the Hemoglobin Scavenger Receptor CD163: Possible Role in the Development of Diabetes Complications. Australian Diabetes Society ASM Adelaide 2015.
  2. Anh Tao, Linda Ban, Rebecca Seehoo, Surya Sutanto, Babu Maharjan, Danqing Min, Stephen M Twigg, Susan McLennan. Increased matrix metalloproteinase expression in kidney tissue from prediabetic but not diabetic mice: possible role in protection from matrix accumulation. Australian Diabetes Society ASM Adelaide 2015.
  3. Babu Raja Maharjan, Stephen M. Twigg, Christine Yee, Susan V. McLennan, Paul F. Williams. Subcutaneous adipose tissue is designed to deposit fats safely but its ability is impaired with excessive fat flux. Australian Diabetes Society ASM Adelaide 2015.
  4. Neutrophil activation is induced by wounding in diabetes Abdollahi M, Aamidor S, Ng T, Rezaeizadeh A, Twigg SM , Min D, McLennan SV. Australian Diabetes Society ASM Adelaide 2015.
  5. Rebecca Seehoo, Christine Yee, Surya Sutanto, Babu Maharjan, Alireza Rezaeizadeh, Danqing Min, Susan McLennan. Macrophage Polarisation Markers in the Development of Diabetic Kidney Disease. Australian Diabetes Society ASM Adelaide 2015.
  6. Yee C. Tu T. Lee A. Maczurek A. Budzinska M. McLennan S. and Shackel N. A novel conditional knockout mouse model reveals the role of CD147 in the immune response seen in both acute and chronic liver injury. Australian Liver Association, Bowral 2015.
  7. Cheng R, Ban L, Tu T, McCaughan G, McLennan S, Shackel N Utility of Microvesicles as Plasma Biomarkers in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Australian Liver Association, Bowral 2015.
  8. Luisa Olaya, Veronica Dy, Puja Motwani, Catherine Woolnough, Jessie Tubb, Domique Dubourdieu, Viviene Damiens, Susan McLennan and Elizabeth L Chua. The Prevalence of BRAF V600 Mutations and its Associated Histopathology Features in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma in New Caledonia and Australia, Endocrinology Association of Australia, Adelaide 2015.

Research Grants

Sydney Medical Foundation  PF Williams    $   25,000 2015
Sydney Medical Foundation SV McLennan Investigating the Adverse Effects of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Diabetic Wound Healing  $   15,000 2015
NH&MRC APP1063515 N Shackel, SV McLennan, G McCaughen The Role of the Hepatocyte and EMMPRIN in Liver Injury  $587,562 2014-16
Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation  SV McLennan Digital Droplet PCR machine for quantitation of mRNA  $   22,000 2015

Contact details for department

Head of Department: A/Professor David Sullivan

Department/Unit: Chemical Pathology
RPA Hospital
Missenden Road
Camperdown NSW 2050
Telephone: (02) 9515 5246
Facsimile: (02) 9515 6186
Web: http://www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/research/
Email: stella.vlahos@sswahs.nsw.gov.au