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Level 11, KGV Building
Missenden Road
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Post Office Box M30
Missenden Road NSW 2050

Phone: (02) 9515-6111
Fax: (02) 9515-9610

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Our Research

The Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise & Eating Disorders is committed to reducing the individual and societal impact of obesity, eating disorders and lifestyle-related chronic disease such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer, mental illness and osteoarthritis.

Led by key researchers across the University, the Boden Institute unites expertise in basic, clinical, public health and health policy research in the areas of obesity, eating disorders, nutrition, physical activity and metabolic health; clinical intervention and practice; public health programs and policy formulation and implementation. The Boden Institute takes a broad approach to combating and preventing obesity and lifestyle-related chronic disease. Its researchers have expertise across the whole human life-cycle from pre-gestation to old age, and collectively have the broadest approach and expertise for combating and preventing eating disorders, obesity and lifestyle-related chronic disease assembled in Australia - from specialised clinics to public health systems. Individual staff at the Institute have international reputations and experience in a diverse range of fields including:

  • Epidemiology and disease prevention research
  • Behaviour change and health promotion
  • Clinical trials on chronic disease prevention and management
  • Insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome
  • Glycemic index and influence of dietary factors on obesity and health
  • Integration of exercise physiology and nutrition to improve health across the lifespan
  • Child and adolescent obesity
  • Better management of obesity and translational research ensuring best practice and outcome
  • Development and management of eating disorders
  • Body composition and health
  • Differential effect of weight on health in different ethnic groups
  • Neurobiology of energy balance and nervous system control of metabolism
  • Policy work to ensure health outcome sustainability

Key Achievements

  • 8 new clinical trials commenced in 2015 at the Boden Institute
  • 5 research grants awarded in 2015 to researchers at the Boden Institute
  • 55 publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • 6 non-research grants awarded in 2015 to researchers at the Boden Institute
  • 15 academic research seminars presented in the Boden Institute 2015 Seminar Series


Professor Ian Caterson

  • 2015 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Foundation Medal for Research for 'Excellence and Outstanding Achievements in Research'.
  • 2015 President-elect World Obesity Federation.

Professor Stephen Colagiuri

  • 2015 Australian Diabetes Society Kellion Award 'for an Australian who has made an outstanding contribution in diabetes research, clinical or service areas in Australia'.

Research Staff

  • Professor Ian Caterson - Director of the Boden Institute, Clinical Academic Director of the CPC-RPA Clinic, Boden Professor of Human Nutrition
  • Professor Stephen Colagiuri - Professor of Metabolic Health, Solutions Domain Leader for the Charles Perkins Centre
  • Professor Timothy Gill - Professor of Public Health Nutrition, Boden Institute Research Programs Director, Principal Research Fellow for the Prevention Research Collaboration
  • Professor Leonard Storlien - Honorary Professor
  • Adjunct Professor Ian Darnton-Hill
  • Associate Professor Amanda Salis - NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, Boden Institute Program Co-Leader (Translational Research)
  • Associate Professor Michael Skilton - Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellow, Boden Institute Program Co-Leader (Translational Research)
  • Dr Tania Markovic - Clinical Associate Professor for the Boden Institute, Director of Metabolism and Obesity Services at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Dr Sarah Maguire - Senior Lecturer for the Boden Institute, NSW Director of Eating and Dieting Disorders for NSW Health
  • Dr Si Win Tin - Research Fellow
  • Dr Crystal Lee - Research Fellow
  • Dr Radhika Seimon - NHMRC Early Career Fellow
  • Dr Sinead Boylan - Research Fellow: Needs Assessment Officer CO-OPS Collaboration
  • Dr Nicholas Fuller - Research Fellow: Clinical Trials Development and Assessment
  • Dr Yan Lam - Research Fellow
  • Dr Claire Madigan - Clinical Trials Manager/ Research Fellow
  • Dr Melinda Phang - Research Fellow and SO3 Trial Manager
  • Dr Namson Lau - Medical Officer for the Boden Institute, Endocrinologist and Consultant Physician
  • Dr Kathryn Williams - Medical Officer for the Boden Institute, Endocrinologist for the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Medical Centre
  • Dr Shelley Kay - Senior Project Officer
  • Dr Jessica Swinbourne - Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Clare Manns - Clinical Psychologist
  • Mrs Melissa Gwizd - Research Officer
  • Mr James Gerofi - Research Officer
  • Ms Mackenzie Fong - Dietitian
  • Ms Alice Gibson - Research Officer
  • Mrs Michele Whittle - Research Officer
  • Ms Claudia Harper - Dietitian/Research Assistant (TEMPO)
  • Ms Kirstine Bell - Dietitian/Research Assistant
  • Ms Shelley Keating - Research Assistant
  • Ms Jessica Honeywood - Dietitian/Research Assistant
  • Ms Stephanie Partridge - Research Assistant
  • Ms Christiane Melki - Clinical Research Assistant
  • Ms Emma Sainsbury - Research Officer
  • Ms Miaobing Zheng - Research Officer
  • Ms Sally McClintock - Research Assistant
  • Ms Lisa Leung - Research Assistant

Higher Degree Students:


  • Ms Hasthi Udyangani Wanamali Dissanayake
  • Mr Hamish Alexander Fernando
  • Ms Mackenzie Fong
  • Ms Alice Gibson
  • Ms Rebecca Harris
  • Mr Yang Kong
  • Mr Felipe da Luz
  • Ms Rowena Louise McMullan
  • Mrs Talia Palacios
  • Dr Arianne Sweeting
  • Dr Si Win Tin
  • Mr Philip Vita


  • Mr Ye Tan (Tommy) Cai
  • Mrs Arpita Das
  • Ms Jia Yi (Anna) Ne
  • Ms Andrea Pattinson
  • Mrs Zahrasadat Rafiei
  • Ms Jessica Isabella Zibellini

Publications and Presentations

Publication Details:
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Book Chapters:
  1. Gill T (Editor). Managing and preventing Obesity: Behavioural Factors and Dietary Interventions. Cambridge, Woodhead Publishing, 2015.


Ms Alice Gibson

  1. Gibson AA, Hsu M, Rangan A, Das A, Seimon R & Sainsbury A. Accuracy of a novel 'handy' method versus household measures to estimate food portion sizes, International Conference on Dietary Assessment Methods, Brisbane, Australia, 1st -3rd September 2015.
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Associate Professor Amanda Salis

  1. March 2015: Personal invitation to present at the Dietitians Association of Australia Diabetes and Heart Health Update Day in Melbourne. Title: Intermittent fasting for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  2. March 2015: Personal invitation to present a webinar for Dietitian Connection (http://www.dietitianconnection.com/), a resource for nutrition leaders. Title: Obesity physiology and the Hotel California: you can check out any time you like but you can never leave!
  3. May 2015: Personal invitation to present at the Mental Health Practitioner's Meeting, a group of health professionals with an interest in eating disorders. Disciplines include medicine, psychology, social work, nutrition, dietetics and counseling. Title: How to help patients with binge eating disorders who need to lose weight.
  4. May 2015: Personal invitation to present at the Sydney Innovation and Research Symposium (Third Stream: Aging, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease: a big future), by the Sydney Local Health District. Title: Intermittent fasting diets - fad or future?
  5. August 2015: Personal invitation to present at the Rethink Obesity Media Roundtable in Sydney. This event, sponsored by Novo Nordisk, aimed to inform members of the media on how to report on obesity. Title: Obesity stigma.
  6. October 2015: Personal invitation to present at a one-day workshop in Melbourne on obesity as a disease, sponsored by Novo Nordisk. Title: Stigma - the patient experience, the clinician's perspective.
  7. October 2015: Personal invitation to present for the Dietitian's Association of Australia National Eating Disorders Interest Group, in a workshop entitled Do we need to re-think the health at every size (HAES) approach? Evidence for and against, in Sydney. Title: Call for an urgent rethink of the Health at Every Size Concept.
  8. October 2015: Personal invitation to present in a symposium entitled Should weight loss be the primary goal of obesity interventions at the Australian New Zealand Obesity Society annual scientific meeting in Melbourne, Victoria. Title: The case for incorporating deliberate weight maintenance phases into weight loss interventions (before, during, and after).

Dr Radhika Seimon

  1. Endocrine Society of Australia, August 2015, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia Seimon RV, Dodds J, Gibson AA, Center J, Markovic TP, McClintock S, Franklin J, King N, Caterson ID, Byrne NM and Sainsbury A. Fast weight loss does not reduce muscle strength or bone mineral density compared with slow weight loss in obese post-menopausal women.
  2. Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society, October 2015, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Zibellini J, Seimon RV, Lee CMY, Gibson AA, Hsu MSH, Sainsbury A. Does diet-induced weight loss reduce muscle strength in overweight or obese adults? A systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials.
  3. Asia-Oceania Conference on Obesity (AOCO) (Invited Oral), October 2015, Nagoya, Japan Seimon RV, Dodds J, Gibson AA, Center J, Markovic TP, McClintock S, Franklin J, King N, Caterson ID, Byrne NM, Sainsbury A. Fast weight loss does not reduce muscle strength or bone mineral density compared with slow weight loss in obese post-menopausal women.

Associate Professor Michael Skilton

  1. Speaker - 'How can neonatal ultrasound help to predict and prevent cardiovascular risk?', Westmead International Update 2015 (Sydney).
  2. Speaker - 'Does heart disease begin in utero?', International Conference on Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease 2015 (Washington DC, USA).
  3. Keynote Speaker - 'Fetal origins of adult cardiovascular disease: preventive strategies', The Ritchie Centre Colloquium 2015 (Melbourne).
  4. Speaker and Session Organizer - Developmental origins of obesity workshop, Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society annual scientific meeting 2015 (Melbourne).
  5. Speaker - 'Nutrition (de)mystified: a burger case study', Australian Atherosclerosis Society SCOLAR meeting 2015 (Sydney).

Felipe da Luz

  1. Luz, F.Q. Effects of obesity treatments on eating disorders. PsychFest 2015 (event of the School of Psychology - The University of Sydney). Oral Presentation.
  2. Luz, F. Q., P. Hay, A. Gibson, S. Touyz, J. Swinbourne, J. Roekenes and A. Sainsbury. Do strict diets lead to binge eating in overweight or obese individuals when done under clinical supervision? A systematic review. Australian & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders Conference 2015. Oral Presentation.

Yan Lam

  1. March 4, 2015: Invited seminar at the University of Wollongong. 'Exploring the interrelationships between diet, the gut system and metabolic health'
  2. March 5, 2015: Boden seminar. 'Exploring the interrelationships between diet, the gut system and metabolic health'
  3. March 20, 2015: Invited lecture at RPA. 'Exploring the interrelationships between diet, the gut system and metabolic health'
  4. May 29, 2015: CPC Biology domain seminar. 'Diet, gut microbiota and glucose homeostasis'
  5. June 5, 2015: Invited lecture at Nutrition Society of Australia Newcastle meeting. 'Exploring the interrelationships between diet, the gut system and metabolic health'

Dr Nicholas Fuller

  1. Fuller NR, Sainsbury A, Caterson ID, Denyer G, Fong M, Gerofi J, Williams KH, Lau NS & Markovic TP. Are eggs good for people with type 2 diabetes mellitus? - the DIABEGG study - weight loss phase. Nutrition & Dietetics, Volume 72, Supplement 1, 2015. Presented at the Dietitians Association of Australia, Perth, Australia, May 2015.
  2. Fuller NR, Sainsbury A, Caterson ID, Denyer G, Fong M, Gerofi J, Williams KH, Lau NS & Markovic TP. Can weight loss outcomes be improved by teaching weight maintenance skills before a weight loss intervention? Obesity Facts, Volume 8, Supplement 1, 2015. Presented at the European Congress on Obesity, Prague, Czech Republic, May 2015.

Professor Stephen Colagiuri

  1. Invited Chairman, 2015 World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), Qatar Foundation, Doha, Qatar 17-19 February 2015.
  2. Invited speaker, Epidemiology of Special Populations and Epidemiology of Diabetes; What's behind the numbers? Global Diabetes Summit, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore. 6-8 March 2015.
  3. World Health Organization - Strategic Technical Meeting on Management of Diabetes Geneva 16-17 April 2015
  4. Invited Chairman, Qatar Diabetes Strategy workshop, Doha, Qatar 18-19 May 2015.
  5. Invited speaker: Australian Diabetes Society Obesity Workshop: Integrated Model for the Management of Obesity (Pharmacotherapy & Diet/Exercise & Tele-health) Melbourne, 1 August 2015
  6. Key note speaker ADS Kellion Award Plenary Lecture; ADS Symposium on Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes: Using old diabetes drugs for prevention of type 2 diabetes; Great debate: Type 2 Diabetes - After Metformin, Then What? ADS-ADEA Annual Scientific Meeting. Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia, 26 -28 August 2015
  7. World Health Organization - Global Report on Diabetes: Meeting of Contents Group Geneva, 14-17 September 2015
  8. Invited Speaker: Workshop Discussion/Debate - Policy and Strategy in Improving Diabetes Care. National Association of Diabetes Centres, Best Practice in Diabetes Centres Symposium, Sydney, 24 October 2015
  9. Invited Guest Speaker: Review of major trials on diabetes and cardiovascular outcomes: Making sense of it all; Update on current guidelines: Should we ADVANCE the role of Gliclazide? The ASEAN Federation of Endocrine Societies (AFES) Congress. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. 10-13 December 2015.
  10. Management of Diabetes Poorly Controlled on Insulin. Meet the Professor Session. The ASEAN Federation of Endocrine Societies (AFES) Congress. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. 10-13 December 2015. 

Si Win Tin

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Professor Ian Caterson

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Tim Gill

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Research Grants

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) CIA: Professor Janice Russell A randomised controlled trial to examine the effectiveness of oxytocin to improve treatment for anorexia nervosa  $      402,864 2015-2017
National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) CIA: Doctor Michael Skilton Reducing cardiovascular risk in children born with poor fetal growth: the Small baby Omega-3 (SO3) trial  $      951,297 2015-2019
Heart Foundation of Australia Dr Michael Skilton Preventing the developmental origins of cardiovascular disease  $      640,000 2015-2019
NSW Government: Mental Health, Drugs and Alcohol Office Dr Sarah Maguire • roll out the NSW Service Plan for People with Eating Disorders
• develop a mobile application (app) to support treatment for eating disorders
• validate and disseminate an early diagnosis instrument for eating disorders
• develop a secure online eating disorder assessment portal
• develop an information resource to support people with an eating disorder
• develop and map a district-wide eating disorder early intervention network model for Local Health Districts (LHD), inclusive of Headspace, CAMHS, local schools, General Practitioners, eating disorder treatment coordinators and services
 $      959,090 2015-
World Diabetes Foundation Dr Si Win Tin Designing, implementing and monitoring a locally relevant and sustainable diabetes care model in the small Pacific island state of Kiribati USD $214,800 2015-2018
Diabetes Australia Research Trust Dr Yan Lam Gut permeability, diet and glucose homeostasis in humans  $        59,345 2015
Other Major Clinical Trials: 1. SOHO Flordis International | 2. Arnott's Biscuits Ltd | 3. NovoNordisk Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd | 4. Pfizer Australia Pty Limited 1. Professor Ian Caterson CIA | 2. Dr Nicholas Fuller CIA | 3. Dr Tania Markovic CIA | 4. Dr Tania Markovic CIA 1. A double blinded, randomised controlled trial to determine a) the efficacy of FBCx (a formula based on α-cyclodextrin on weight loss, and b) the efficacy of Ginst15 (a ginseng extract formula based on Compound K) on glycaemic control | 2. A randomised controlled trial to determine the efficacy of Vita-Weat for supplementation on weight loss: Arnotts Vita-Weat Study | 3. nvestigation of safety and efficacy of once daily semaglutide in obese subjects without diabetes mellitus. A 52 week, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, nine-armed, parallel group, multi-centre, multinational trial with liraglutide 3.0 mg as active comparator | 4. Phase 3 Multi-Center, Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel Group Evaluation Of The Efficacy, Safety, And Tolerability Of Bococizumab (PF-04950615), In Reducing The Occurrence Of Major Cardiovascular Events In High Risk Subjects

 $   1,985,846 2015-

Contact details for department

Head of Department: Professor Ian Caterson

Department/Unit: RPA - CPC Clinic
The Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise & Eating Disorders, Level 2 and RPA Clinic, Charles Perkins Centre D17, The University of Sydney
Camperdown NSW 2006
Telephone: (02) 8627 1933
Facsimile: (02) 8627 0141
Web: http://sydney.edu.au/medicine/research/units/boden/
Email: claire.madigan@sydney.edu.au