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Phone: (02) 9515-6111
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Pharmacy Aged Care Research Laboratory

Our Research

The impact of ageing on drug disposition and response to medicines.
Includes clinical pharmacological studies in older people, assessing the manner in which age affects response to medicines, age-related patterns of using medications, and how these factors inform the quality use of medicines. Currently he is involved in a trial of deprescribing (i.e. judicious and appropriate cessation of) medications in older individuals.

Ethnic differences in drug response.
Collaborations with GSK studying the impact of geographical ancestry on the response to medicines, to help inform the safe use of medications and new drug development.

Herb-drug interactions.
Investigates the impact of herbal medicines on conventional medicines including insights related to the mechanism and consequences of these interactions.

Therapeutic drug monitoring as a tool for optimised drug therapy.
Current research focuses on antifungal treatments, aiming to individualise and guide optimal pharmacological endpoints by accounting for individual variability in response to these medications.

Optimal anticoagulant use in older people.
Includes the development and assessment of a collaborative model of home-based post-discharge warfarin management service, which was associated with a significantly reduced rate of readmissions and adverse events and improved persistence with therapy, and studies of herb-drug interactions with warfarin.

Optimal treatment of low back pain.
Series of collaborations on the efficacy of various interventions including physiotherapy, NSAIDs and paracetamol in low back pain, which led to two publications in the Lancet (2007 and 2014). The research is now being extended to explore interventions in the management of sciatica and in defining the management model that best serves patients with acute low back pain in the primary care setting.

Optimising anticancer therapies by understanding pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic variability.

Quality use of medicines.
Including the patterns of medicines use and how this relates to quality care and health outcomes in the area of mental health, cardiovascular disease and cancer.


  • Pharmacist of the Year (2006)
  • Australasian Pharmaceutical Science Association (APSA) medal (2013)

Research Staff

  • Professor Andrew McLachlan

Higher Degree Students:


  • Fiona Doukas (Person-centred antimicrobial stewardship)
  • Daniel Rifkin (Pharmacy Leadership)
  • Shane Eagles (Effect of broccoli on drug metabolism)
  • Bei-lun Lin (Interactions with TCM)
  • Fatima Sakeena Mohamed Hameem (Antimicrobial resistance in Sri Lanka)
  • Jeffry Adiwidjaja (Clinical pharmacology of anticancer medicines)

Publications and Presentations

Publication Details:
  1. Dolton MJ, Perera V, Pont LG, McLachlan AJ. Terbinafine in combination for the treatment of resistant or refractory mycoses: Investigating optimal dosing regimens using a physiologically-based pharmacokinetic model. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2014 ;58(1):48-54.
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Book Chapters:
  1. McLachlan AJ, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Older People, Chapter 9 in W. Clarke & A. Dasgupta (Eds): Clinical Challenges in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. 2016 Elsevier Inc.



  1. Pharmaceutical Society of Australia's NSW Annual Therapeutic Update (March 2015). Medicines and Ageing: Past, Present and Future.
  2. Pharmaceutical Society of Australia's NSW Annual Therapeutic Update (March 2015). Drug interactions that matter.

Research Grants

NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence Health Services Research McLachlan, Pearson, Banks, Preen, Le Couteur, Dobbins, Etherton-Beer,
Buckley, Viney, Henry
NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Medicines and Ageing  $ 2,446,505.00 2014-2018
NHMRC Project Grant 
Banks, Le Couteur, Pearson,
 McLachlan, Viney, Hilmer, Gnjidic,
Blyth, Joshy
High risk prescribing in older Australians  $    701,371.00 2012-2014
NHMRC Project Grant 
Beer, Potter, Hilmer, Naganathan
A randomised controlled trial of deprescribing to optimise medical therapy for frail older people: the Opti-Med study.  $ 1,444,995.00 2013-2015
NHMRC Project Grant APP1082480 Lin, Maher, McLachlan, Latimer, Billot, Koes  The first placebo-controlled trial of opioid analgesics for acute spinal pain  $    996,237.00 2015-2017
NHMRC Partner -ship Project
Day, Zwar, Reath, Westbrook, Lau,
Baysari, Laba, McLachlan, Runciman
Patient-centred eHealth approach to improving outcomes for gout sufferers  $    660,656.85 2015-2020

Contact details for department

Head of Department: Professor Andrew McLachlan

Department/Unit: Pharmacy Aged Care Research Laboratory
Concord Hospital
Hospital Road
Concord NSW 2139
Telephone: (02) 9767 7373
Facsimile: (02) 9767 6991
Web: http://sydney.edu.au/pharmacy/our-research/achievements/cre/index.shtml
Email: andrew.mclachlan@sydney.edu.au