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Missenden Road NSW 2050

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SLHD Nursing and Midwifery Executive

Our Research

Janice Gullick was seconded from the Sydney Nursing School in August 2015 in the role of Conjoint Nursing & Midwifery Research Fellow. Her research interests include cardiorespiratory research and patient and family experience research using phenomenology.
Contact: Janice.gullick@sydney.edu.au

Greg Fairbrother commenced with the District in 2015 as Research CNC (Patient & family-centred Care). Greg’s quantitative and qualitative research interests are focused on knowledge and practice development in nursing and midwifery.

Key Achievements

  • Janice Gullick: Training of 18 advanced practice nurses in preparation for the SCHoLAR project – (the cross-institutional Research Community of Practice).
  • Greg Fairbrother: Establishment of a research agenda and education/mentorship programme for N&M in the Patient and family centred care space; Methodological support enabling the initiation of new research activity in the ‘Heart of Health’ programme which targets staff wellness and compassion; Affiliation with the University of Sydney Nursing School as an Adjunct Associate Professor.


Publications and Presentations

Publication Details:
  1. Gullick JG, West SH (2015) A Community of Practice model to build research capacity and productivity among senior nurse clinicians. Journal of Advanced Nursing 72;(3);605-19.
  2. Jin K, Ding D, Gullick JG, Koo F, Neubeck L. (2015) A Chinese Paradox: Low Coronary Heart Disease Incidence but Higher Short-term Mortality in Western-dwelling Chinese immigrants: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, Journal of the American Heart Association [Impact Factor 5.1], 18;4(12). pii: e002568.
  3. Jin, K., D. Ding, J. Gullick, F. Koo, and L. Neubeck. "Coronary heart disease in Chinese living in western countries: new insights from a systematic review and meta-analysis." Heart, Lung and Circulation 24 (2015): S119.
  4. Gullick JG, Kwan XX. (2015) Patient-directed music therapy reduces anxiety and sedation exposure in mechanically-ventilated patients: A research critique. Australian Critical Care. 28(2): p. p103–105. [Impact Factor 1.26].
  5. Fairbrother G, Chiarella M, Braithwaite J. Models of care choices in today’s nursing workplace: Where does team nursing sit? Australian Health Review 39(5): 489-93
  6. Stott C, Fairbrother G. Mucus and urinary diversions. World Council of Enterostomal Therapists Journal 35(4): 36-41.
  7. Rafferty R, Fairbrother G. Factors influencing how senior nurses and midwives acquire coaching skills into routine practice: A grounded theory study. Journal of Advanced Nursing 71(6): 1249-1259.
  8. Fairbrother G, Conway R, Woods A, Tyler V, Howell W. Commencing a nurse education role development journey in a regional Australian health district: results from a mixed method baseline inquiry Journal of Nurse Education and Practice 5(8): 7-16.
  9. Fairbrother G, Cashin A, Mekki T, Graham I, McCormack B Is it possible to bring the emancipatory practice development and evidence based practice agendas together in nursing and midwifery? International Practice Development Journal 5(1)(4).
  10. Fairbrother G, Cashin A, Conway R, Symes A, Graham I. Evidence based clinical nursing and midwifery practice in a regional Australian healthcare setting: Workplace related predictors of skills and behaviours Collegian 23(2):191-99.

Book Chapters:
  1. Ringdal M. & Gullick J. (2015) Chapter 13: Respiratory Assessment & Monitoring (In ACCCN’s Critical Care Nursing, (3rd Ed) Elliot, D, Aitkin L & Chaboyer W. Chatswood: Elseveir Australia.


National and International:

  1. Gullick, JG (2015) “Ethical Issues in Qualitative Research”.  International Institute for Advanced Nursing Research Summer School, (Turku, Finland, June 2015).
  2. Gullick, JG (2015) “Singing the world: Making space for creative philosophical positioning in clinical nursing research”. International Conference on Qualitative Methods, (Melbourne, April 2015).
  3. Cooper J, Fairbrother G “Patient preference regarding place of death: A grounded theory study” Palliative Care Australia Annual Conference, Melbourne, Oct 2015

Contact: Ms Katharine Duffy

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Department/Unit: SLHD Nursing and Midwifery Executive
Sydney Local Health District, Level 11 KGV Building, RPA Campus
Missenden Road
Camperdown NSW 2050
Web: www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/research/
Email: katharine.duffy@sswahs.nsw.gov.au