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Level 11, KGV Building
Missenden Road
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Post Office Box M30
Missenden Road NSW 2050

Phone: (02) 9515-6111
Fax: (02) 9515-9610

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Tissue Pathology and Diagnostic Oncology

Our Research

Molecular oncology:
Developing new approaches to diagnosing and predicting the behaviour of a range of cancers, including melanoma, lung and breast cancer, as well as predictive markers for targeted therapies.

Studying risk, causes, diagnosis, prognostication and treatment.

1) Investigating biomarkers of pathogenesis, prognosis and epithelial stromal interactions in phyllodes tumours and other tumours showing stromal differentiation.
2) Investigating predictive and prognostic biomarkers in breast cancer.

Lung cancer:
Molecular biomarkers of therapeutic response.

Head and Neck pathology:
Studies relating to diagnosis and biomarkers of prognosis and response to therapy.

Genitourinary pathology:
1) Prostate cancer, including development of biomarkers of prognosis.
2) Renal cell carcinoma diagnosis.

Pancreatic cancer:
Collaborative studies of precursor lesions and development of biomarkers of prognosis.

Key Achievements


  • Authors or co-authors of 64 peer reviewed journal articles published in 2015.
  • Including studies in some of the world's top ranked scientific journals including New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet Oncology, Nature, Nature Genetics, PNAS and Journal of Clinical Oncology.
  • These studies involved many national and international collaborators, eg researchers at the Melanoma Institute of Australia and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

Invited Conference Presentations:

  • Recognition of the importance of these studies through several oral presentation at key international and national scientific meetings.


Scolyer R, 2015 Winner Thomson Reuters Citation and Innovation Award for outstanding research team for research in BRAF-mutated melanoma. Co-winners Associate Professor Georgina Long, Professor Richard Kefford, Professor Grant McArthur. Award ceremony 23 June 2015.

Research Staff

  • Ms Kate Harvey, scientist working in molecular pathology and breast cancer
  • Ms Anne Holliday, scientist working in molecular pathology and breast cancer
  • Dr Jerry Wei, scientist working in molecular pathology and breast cancer
  • Ms Cassandra Kavanagh, scientist working in molecular pathology and breast cancer research
  • Dr Thang Tran, technical officer working on lung cancer research
  • Ms Susan Z. Wan, head and neck cancer biobanking officer
  • Ms Estella Sanchez-Guerrero, technical officer working on clinical validation of NGS in molecular genomics
  • Jia Qian, technical officer working on clinical validation of NGS in molecular genomics
  • Dr Ricardo Vilain, pathology fellow (MIA/Tissue Pathology)
  • Dr James Wilmott, research officer (MIA, USyd)
  • Ms Chitra deSilva, melanoma biobanking officer (MIA, USyd)

Higher Degree Students:


  • Mun Hui, UNSW
  • Bruce Ashford, USyd
  • H Kakavand, USyd
  • T Nur Gurde, USyd
  • Raj Rai, Usyd,


  • H Lee

Publications and Presentations

Publication Details:
  1. Rynkiewicz NK, Fedele CG, Chiam K, Gupta R, Kench JG, Severi G, Giles GG, McLean CA, Horvath LG, Mitchell CA. INPP4B, a negative regulator of PI3K/Akt signalling is expressed in prostate transit amplifying cells, and its loss of expression in prostate cancer predicts for recurrence and poor long term survival. Prostate 2015; 75: 92-102
  2. Matthews Y, McKenzie C, Byrne C, Kench JG. Intraductal tubulopapillary neoplasm of pancreas with associated invasive carcinoma, lymph node, rectal and hepatic metastases. Pathology 2015; 47: 169-71
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  6. Kitzing YX, Ng BH, Kitzing B, Waugh R, Kench JG, Strasser SI, McCormack S. Washout of hepatocellular carcinoma on portal venous phase of multidetector computed tomography in a pre-transplant population. J Med Imaging Radiat Oncol. 2015; 59:673-80
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  11. Arafeh R, Qutob N, Emmanuel R, Keren-Paz A, Madore J, Elkahloun A, Wilmott JS, Gartner JJ, Di Pizio A, Winograd-Katz S, Sindiri S, Rotkopf R, Dutton-Regester K, Johansson P, Pritchard A, Waddell N, Hill VK, Lin JC, Hevroni Y, Rosenberg SA, Khan J, Ben-Dor S, Niv MY, Ulitsky I, Mann GJ, Scolyer RA, Hayward NK, Samuels Y. Recurrent inactivating RASA2 mutations in melanoma. Nat Genet 2015. Dec;47(12):1408-10.
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Book Chapters:
  1. Thompson JF, Scolyer RA, Kefford RF. 'Melanoma' in Oxford Textbook of Oncology. 3rd Ed. Oxford University Press, 2015 (in production).


Oral Presentations (Poster presentations not included)


  1. Scolyer R, International Melanoma Pathology Study group workshop: Convenor and facilitator: Pathology terms, definitions and guidelines for AJCC staging, UCSF, San Francisco USA, 18 November 2015.
  2. Scolyer R, International Melanoma Pathology Study group workshop: Convenor and facilitator: Pathology terms, definitions and guidelines for AJCC staging, UCSF, San Francisco USA, 18 November 2015.
  3. Gupta R, World Congress on Larynx Cancer, Squamous lesions of the larynx, Cairns 2015


  1. Kench JG. Invited Lecture: Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate Cancer Trials Group (ANZUP) Annual Scientific Meeting The 'new' ISUP modified Gleason grading system and ICCR datasets for prostate cancer, Sydney, July 2015
  2. O'Toole S, Invited lecture: Asia-Pacific International Academy of Pathology scientific meeting, The molecular pathology of breast cancer, June 2015.
  3. O'Toole S, Invited Lecture: Garvan Clinical Genomics Course, Somatic Cancer Mutation Testing, December 2015
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Research Grants

NHMRC Project Grant Clark S, Risbridger G, Bristow R, Pidsley R, Lawrence M, Kench J, Stricker P Epigenetic Changes in the Prostate Cancer Microenvironment  $      848,954 2016-18
NHMRC Project Grant Swarbrick A, Carroll J, Cowley M, O’Toole S  Mechanistic and functional analysis of the Id4 proto-oncogene in breast cancer   $      693,983 2016-18
NHMRC Program Grant Kefford RF, Thompson JF, Hersey P, Mann GJ, Scolyer RA, Hayward N, Long GV Molecular determinants of risk, progression and treatment response in melanoma.  $14,663,120 2016-20
CINSW Equipment Grant  Richardson D, Scolyer RA, Long GV, Halliday G, Murray M, Lee CS, Kumar N, Mason R, Payne R, Lay P Biacore T200 Molecular Interaction Analysis System for the Open Access, Multi-Disciplinary Sydney Cancer Research Core Facility  $      354,048 2015
NHMRC Project grant Damian D, Martin A, Halliday G, Eris J, Lowe PM, Fernandez Peñas P, McKenzie C, Scolyer RA, Chong A, Vardy J.  ONTRANS: Oral Nicotinamide for skin cancer chemoprevention after Transplant. NHMRC Project grant   $      624,824 2016-18
NHMRC Equipment Grant Richardson D, Scolyer RA, Murray M, Long GV, Slobedman B.  NanoString nCounter SPRINT Profiler System for Shared Use in the Open Access, Multi-User, Bosch Molecular Biology Facility.  $      199,000 2015

Contact details for department

Head of Department: Clinical Professor James Kench

Department/Unit: Tissue Pathology and Diagnostic Oncology
RPA Hospital
Missenden Road
Camperdown NSW 2050
Telephone: (02) 9515 7458
Facsimile: (02) 9515 8405
Web: http://www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/research/
Email: james.kench@sswahs.nsw.gov.au