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What happens during Radiotherapy Planning?

Following your initial consultation, a planning appointment will be organised for you by your Radiation Oncologist. The staff at Radiation Oncology will contact you to provide the date and time of this appointment. Please make sure that you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time.

Your Radiation Oncologist may require relevant x-rays and scans that you have had. Some of these scans may be on a disc rather than on film. Please bring all of these with you for your planning session and hand them over to the Radiation Therapists looking after you. The scans will be used to help your Radiation Oncologist and your Radiation Therapists during the process of your radiotherapy planning. All your scans will be returned to you when you start your treatment.
It is important that you let our team know of your medical conditions and if you have any prostheses (artificial joints and body parts) or any pacemaker implants.
Your Radiotherapy Planning session will allow us to determine the most appropriate and comfortable treatment position to treat you in. The planning session will often involve a CT scan of the area to be treated. Your Radiation Oncologist and Radiation Therapists will then create a treatment plan that is custom designed just for you, to treat your type of cancer. The planning session takes approximately 30 – 45 minutes. 

Patient having a CT scan during radiotherapy planning