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The Dietician can provide you with advice on food and nutrition during your treatment. Nutrition is an important aspect of your treatment, and people who are well nourished tend to cope better with radiotherapy treatment. It is important to try and keep your weight stable during treatment.

Dieticians have a science background, and can provide you with sound advice on nutrition and how it may help you during you cancer treatment. Some people experience side effects from the radiotherapy treatment, such as nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss, diarrhoea and difficulties with swallowing.

The Dietician can assist you in making the right food choices for your particular needs. If a patient is having difficulty eating, and losing weight, the Dietician can discuss high protein energy foods and fluids that may be appropriate for you.

Not all radiotherapy patients require the Dietician, however, your Radiation Oncologist or radiotherapy team will organise this referral for you should you require it.