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Radiation Oncology

Education and Training

Senior Radiation Therapist teaching a university student

Royal prince Alfred hospital is one of the largest teaching hospitals in New South Wales. For many health professions, clinical placements and continuing professional development are mandatory training periods for students and graduate staff to demonstrate their knowledge acquired from university and to gain practical skills required to become accredited member of their respective profession.

The Department of Radiation Oncology is actively involved in the training of radiation therapy, nursing and medical students. Students are always encouraged to actively participate in daily work practices, ask questions and to interact with patients. All students that train in this department are always working under constant supervision.
During the course of your treatment, it is highly likely you will encounter university students participating in clinical placement. This learning period is very important to the development of clinical skills and reinforcement of university for these individuals. If you do not feel comfortable with having a student observe, please let the staff know. 
The department also employs Radiation Therapists completing their National Professional Development Programme (NPDP). The NPDP is undertaken after having completed the course at university, where the professional is qualified to work, but is under a thorough training programme and provided extra guidance.
Furthermore, the department is also involved in the training of Radiation Oncology Registrars, under the guidance of staff specialists. Registrars actively participate in cancer management and weekly patient review clinics.