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Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapists are focused on people's ability to perform day to day activities. Often the physical (e.g. weakness, loss of energy, loss of hair, pain etc) and emotional (including anxiety) changes that occur with cancer and its treatment, can cause changes in the activities that a person is able to perform at home, at work and during leisure time.

The Occupational Therapist assists a person to carry out the tasks important to them.

Occupational therapy intervention includes:

  • Assessment of the way that the disease process or treatment is limiting performance.
  • Home modifications and resettlement.
  • Equipment prescription - wheelchairs, bath seats
  • Energy conservation and work simplification techniques for home and work.
  • Stress management and relaxation thechniques.
  • Information on wigs and turbans.
  • Lymphodema management.

Please let the Radiation Therapist or Nursing staff know if you would like to speak to the Occupational Therapy Department directly on 02 9515 9925.