Aged Health Chronic Care & Rehabilitation Services

Access Care Team

The Access Care Team is the single point of telephone contact to support and provide advice to staff and general practitioners (GPs) in the clinical care of residents of Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs).

The Access Care Team aims to provide the best care for residents of RACFs in the most appropriate setting by offering clinical advice and arranging services to support resident's care within the RACFs. It offers a partnership between RACFs, GPs and services of SLHD, by linking medical specialists and expert hospital nurses with GPs, ACAT, Sydney District Nursing and Palliative Care, with GPs and RACF staff.    

The Access Care Team also has the capacity to facilitate and coordinate transfers to the most appropriate health services, such as appropriate emergency department if required.                                                                                                                                    

Access Care Team can arrange outreach or outpatient services for clinical issues such as:
·                  Ambulatory Care appointments
·                  Behaviour issues
·                  Continence issues
·                  IV antibiotic therapy
·                  Palliative care
·                  Wound care management
To make a referral phone 1300 722 276 – 7 days per week 24 hours per day (from 8pm to 8am daily the phone is answered by RPA Virtual Hospital) or fax the ACC&R referral form to fax: 9767 7026.