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Street address:
Community Health
Level 1, 300 Bridge Road
Forest Lodge NSW 2037

(02) 9515-9558
Fax: (02) 9515-9540

Community Health
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About Community Health

Community Health Services

Community Health Services seek to improve the health of clients and local communities by providing a range of universal, specialist and targeted services across the health continuum and lifespan. These services include health promotion, prevention, early intervention, treatment, recovery, and health maintenance. We use a comprehensive model that recognises the interaction of physical, emotional and social aspects of health at community and individual levels.

Our services and programs are informed by equitable, evidence-based models of care and are provided in the community, close to where people live, work and attend school.

We partner with our clients, communities and other agencies to provide integrated care, and to empower clients and communities to participate in managing their own health.

Community Health Services hosts a range of strategic units and services which support District responses to domestic violence, sexual assault, child protection and the needs of people living with a disability.

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