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Community Health
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About Community Health

Community Health Services

Community Health Services are located close to where you live or in your own home. We offer a range of services including Child and Family Health, Youth Health, Sydney District Nursing, Palliative Care, Sexual Health Services and more. We also provide information and education in our local communities at play groups, day care centres, schools, NGOs and at local events.

More than 300 dedicated staff work as part of our Community Health team at Sydney Local Health District. They are nurses, allied health professionals, medical and support staff.

Many of our services are available to all members of the community (like Child and Family Health nursing services and Sydney District Nursing services). Other services are more specialised for people with specific health conditions or more complex needs like our sexual health and HIV services.

Our Vision is to strive to achieve excellence in healthcare for all.

Delivering Healthcare in Our Community for More Than 100 Years

Community Health has a very strong and proud history of providing health services to the community since 1900.

Sydney District Nursing

The Sydney District Nursing Association was established in 1900 where trained nurses visited the sick and poor in their own homes. The formation of the District Nursing Association was largely the work of the Church of England Association; at that time it was considered that care of the sick and poor was part of the social work of the Church.

From 1956, the District Nursing Association rapidly expanded and in 1976 changed its name to the Sydney Home Nursing Service.

The community nursing service in the Sydney Local Health District continues to provide services to clients in their homes as well as at selected Community Health Centres and is now called Sydney District Nursing.

Child and Family Health Services

The first early childhood clinic in New South Wales was established in the Sydney Local Health District in 1914. Alexandria was the first clinic to be opened on the 24th August, followed by the Newtown Early Childhood clinic in the same year.

The Alexandria Early Childhood clinic was established to address the high infant mortality rate at that time, to promote family hygiene and to advance women’s health.  The clinic was staffed by two nurses, one employed to do ‘outdoor work’, visiting mother’s in their homes to educate them about breastfeeding and baby hygiene; cleanliness; the need for good ventilation and sunshine.  The other nurse ran the clinic and advised mothers on self-care and care of the child.  Breastfeeding up to nine months of age was encouraged.

This model of care continues today with universal health home visiting provided to all newborn babies in the Sydney Local Health District. Centre based appointments and breastfeeding support sessions for parents are also available and complemented by children’s medical and allied health services.

Health surveillance of school children (school screening program) commenced in 1907 with the appointment of two medical officers.  In 1911 school nurses were employed to attend government and non-government schools.  In 1936 the first child mental health service commenced and by 1958 the first integrated Child Health Centre was established in Forest Lodge.

Today Sydney Local Health District Community Health provides a range of diverse services including nursing, medical, allied health and health promotion.  Services are delivered across a network of twenty five sites including Community Health Centres, Early Childhood Clinics, client’s homes and at outreach locations.