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Head of Department
Acute Pain Management
Perioperative Medicine

Dr Fergus Davidson

Director of Preadmission Clinic
Registrar Tutorial Program Coordinator
Final Examination Tutorials

Dr Shanel Cameron

Director of Acute Pain Service
Regional Anaesthesia
Ultrasound in Anaesthesia

Dr Philip Corke

Neurosurgery and Neuroradiology SSU Supervisor

Dr Ian Cox

Chronic Pain Management and
Director of Chronic Pain Clinic

Dr Winnie Hong

Part I and Part II Preparation
Can't Intubate/Can't Oxygenate Management
Medical Student Teaching
Burns Anaesthesia

Dr Kar-Soon Lim

Staff Specialist
Evidence Based Medicine and Medical Statistics
Anaesthetic Drug Anaphylaxis

Dr Paul McKinnon

Supervisor of Training

Dr Rod Martin

Thursday Morning CME Coordinator
Part I and Part II preparation

Dr Callum Moi

Consultant Rosters

Dr Anna Panis

Supervisor of Training
Medical Student Coordinator

Dr Jenny Prowse

Deputy Director

Dr John Quoyle

Chronic Pain Specialist
Supervisor of Training FPM

Dr Glen Sheh

Supervisor of Training
Registrar Teaching & Exam Preparation

Dr Amanda Smith

Staff Specialist

Dr Liz Symons

Remote Anaesthesia Coordination
Final Examination Preparation

Dr Brendan Troy

Rotational Supervisor
Welfare Officer

Dr Yih-Lin Wan

Pain Nurses
Sandi Tutt
Denise Wilson

Secretarial Support
Angela Catanese
Winnie Chan