Patient-centered care

Breast cancer patients treated at Concord Hospital are managed by a multidisciplinary team, delivering state-of-the-art treatment and maximising cure rates while maintaining patient quality of life.

Weekly multidisciplinary meetings are a collaboration between public (Concord Hospital) and private (the Strathfield Breast Centre) healthcare services. Each patient's pathology, investigation and treatment options are discussed by a diverse group of surgeons, pathologists, medical oncologists, a geneticist, radiation oncologists, radiologists, breast care nurses and other medical staff.

The Breast Cancer Service has six specialist surgeons, all with significant experience in modern diagnosis and management of breast cancer. This includes breast conserving treatment, mastectomy, oncoplastic techniques and breast reconstruction.

The Breast Cancer Service has a dedicated body of nurses striving to provide a holistic and integrated approach to providing care to patients and their families.

Patients have access to a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker and psychologist, if necessary, for follow up care.

  Breast Cancer Services Multidisciplinary Team

The Breast Cancer Services Multidisciplinary Team includes:

Breast surgeon - Dr Norman Janu - Phone (02) 9646 3494
Breast surgeon - Dr Mark Joseph  - Phone (02) 8746 0055
Breast surgeon - Dr Gail Molland - Phone (02) 9899 7322
Breast surgeon - Dr Laurence Gluch - Phone (02) 9744 3319
Breast surgeon - Dr Erick Fuentes - Phone (02) 8203 1359
Breast surgeon - Dr Pamela Howson  - Phone (02) 8084 3831
Medical oncologist - Dr Annabel Goodwin
Medical oncologist - Dr Belinda Kiely
Medical oncologist - Associate Professor Philip Beale
Radiation oncologist - Dr Georgia Harris (Chris O'Brien Lifehouse)
Radiation oncologist - Dr Sue Carroll (GenesisCare)
Radiation oncologist - Dr Rebecca Chin (icon)
Plastic surgeon - Dr Justine O'Hara
Plastic surgeon - Dr Joe Dusseldorp
Breast care nurse - Cole Deguchi - Call (02) 9767 7890 or (02) 9767 5000 page 60524
Breast care nurse - Mary Sweeney (metastatic disease)