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Concord Breast Cancer Services

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The Breast Cancer Services is an integral component of the Concord Cancer Centre whose primary focus is on providing timely, co-ordinated care of patients with cancer and their families. All breast cancer patients treated at Concord Hospital are managed by a multidisciplinary team where state of the art treatment is delivered, with aims to enhance the quality of life, management of symptoms and the disease process for the patient and their families within a supportive environment. Every patient has access to a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker and psychologist if necessary for follow up care. Within the Breast Cancer Service, we are fortunate to have a dedicated body of nurses, striving to provide holistic and integrated approach to the care of the patient diagnosed with breast cancer and their families.

Our Service

The Breast Cancer Services has five specialist Breast Surgeons, all with significant experience in modern diagnosis and management of breast cancer. They are all members of the Strathfield Breast Centre with strong links to breast cancer research. The weekly multidisciplinary meetings are a collaboration between the public (Concord Hospital) and private (the Strathfield Breast Centre). In this setting, each breast cancer patient's pathology, investigation and treatment options are discussed by a diverse group of surgeons, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, breast care nurses and other medical staff.

Concord Hospital offers up to date diagnostic services including ultra sound, MRI, mammography and specialised tests such as lymphoscintigraphy, fine needle biopsy and hook wire localisation.

At Concord Hospital we have a breast cancer clinic which is run by specialist breast surgeons and a breast care nurse. Here, the breast care nurse can provide the patient with extra support regarding post operative care for example, drainage of a seroma, removal of a drain, information and education, clinical assessment of restricted range of movement or lymphoedema.

The breast care nurse actively participates in liaising with the multidisciplinary team and providing a link between the community and hospital in the care of the patient following discharge.

Making a referral

A referral from a general practitioner (GP) or specialist is needed for all appointments. Referral can be made directly to one of the surgeons listed below:

Prior to presentation at the Breast Clinic, it is recommended that all new patients have radiology (breast ultrasound and mammogram where appropriate) and bring all their old films for comparison.

Breast Screen NSW for a free mammogram: 132 050

General clinic appointments: 02 9767 5333 or refer directly to a breast surgeon as listed below.

The Multidisciplinary meeting is a collaboration between Concord Hospital Breast Unit and Strathfield Breast Centre. The meeting is attended by a range of health professionals including surgeons, histopathologists, medical and radiation oncologists and breast cancer nurses.

The Breast Multidisciplinary Team includes:

Breast surgeon - Associate Professor Hugh Carmalt
Breast surgeon - Mr Norman Janu
Breast surgeon - Mr Mark Joseph
Breast surgeon - Dr Laurence Gluch
Breast surgeon - Dr Gail Molland
Medical oncologist - Associate Professor Philip Beale
Medical oncologist - Dr Annabel Goodwin
Radiation oncologist - Dr Sue Carroll (Concord and Strathfield)
Medical Oncologist – Dr Belinda Kiely

Breast Care Nurses - Cole Deguchi and Lorraine Roache can be contacted on 02 9767 7890 or page 60524 by phoning 02 9767 5000.