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The Concord Cancer Centre provides a wide range of tertiary level cancer services. In the Sydney Local Health District expertise and resources come together in specialist clinical groups who strive to provide every patient with the best care available. This clinical structure has been designed to facilitate partnerships with expert cancer teams across our district, such as Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA). This will soon extend to the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse at RPA providing our patients with access to one of the largest networks of cancer expertise and services in the state.

Cancer Services available at Concord Cancer Centre

Available Cancer Services


Breast Surgery

The Concord Hospital Breast Unit has five specialist Breast Surgeons, all with significant experience in modern diagnosis and management of breast cancer.

Concord Hospital offers up to date diagnostic services including ultra sound, MRI, mammography and specialised tests such as lymphoscintigraphy, fine needle biopsy and hook wire localisation.

Breast Clinic phone 02 9767 5333 or refer directly to one of our specialists

Cancer Genetics

The Cancer Genetic Service provides information to individuals and their family where there is concern about the family history of cancer.

If there is an increased risk of cancer for family members, strategies to reduce the chance of cancer developing and methods of detecting it early are discussed. An appropriate cancer screening program is advised.

Sometimes genetic testing is possible to help assess the risk of cancer more accurately.

An appointment with the Cancer Genetic Service can be arranged by faxing a referral to :

Concord Cancer Centre Oncology Department fax: 02 9767 7934

Once the referral has been received, a member of the Cancer Genetic Service will contact the person to ask about their family history and then arrange a clinic appointment.

Colorectal Surgery

The Colorectal Department is nationally and internationally acknowledged as a centre of excellence in colorectal surgery with seven highly experienced surgeons. The colorectal service uses the best available technology and an interdisciplinary approach to patient care. Each patient is provided with rapid access to diagnostic services, treatment and advice, along with a comprehensive outpatient support team.

Referral can be made directly to one of the specialist surgeons listed in the doctor directory or under the Colorectal MDT


Dermatology provides an inpatient consultative service and outpatient clinics. Contact the clinic on 02 9767 5333 or refer directly to one of our specialists


The Haematology Department provides both a clinical and diagnostic service for patients with malignant and non-malignant haematological disorders and is supported by a highly regarded Clinical Trials Unit.

Urgent referrals can be made by contacting the registrar or consultant on 02 9767 5000. Other referrals can be faxed to 02 9767 7650.

Head and Neck Surgery

The Head and Neck Service provides five outpatient clinics per month and surgery for cancer and non-cancer cases at Concord.

The clinic contact number is 02 9767 5333.

Medical Oncology

The Concord Medical Oncology service includes clinics, inpatient care and consultations. The chemotherapy suite is located on the ground floor.  There is a robust clinical trials unit in the department.

For an appointment please contact: telephone 02 9767 7569 and fax 02 9767 7934

Radiation Oncology

Clinics are provided onsite at Concord for initial consultation and follow up. There is also attendance and participation by Radiation Oncology in Concord Cancer Centre multidisciplinary teams.

Radiation therapy is not provided on site at Concord, patients are often treated at RPA, however treatment at another centre can be negotiated with the patient and their doctor.

Referrals to radiation oncology can be made on 02 9515 8057.


The Neurosurgery Unit provides a comprehensive range of neurosurgical service and is affiliated with the University of Sydney. There is a small cancer related neurosurgical service provided at Concord Hospital.

Palliative Care Service

The Palliative medical team provide weekly outpatient clinics and collaborates closely with the community palliative care team in the Sydney Local Health District .The registrars visit patients in their home in the Concord and Croydon local area when required.

Respiratory /Cardiothoracic

Concord Hospital offers a rapid access service to help patients and GPs when the question of a possible or probable lung cancer arises. After contact, mean time to first consultation is less than two days for patients with a radiological diagnosis. Average time to diagnosis and essentially complete staging is less than 7 days - this is achieved in collaboration with Department of Radiology and Pathology and through access to PET imaging at RPA. Where a non-cancer diagnosis is made, patients are moved seamlessly into a management or follow-up program.

Some minor cardiothoracic surgery is done at Concord Hospital however major cardiothoracic surgery is referred to RPA.

Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgery

This service treats a large number of upper gastrointestinal cancers such as pancreas and oesophagus. There are six surgeons supported by senior registrars, a fellow and a consultant nurse.

Referrals can be made directly to our surgeons (see directory or link to Upper GI MDT)

Urology Department

The Unit is also involved in management of all urological malignancies, including prostate, bladder, kidney and testicular cancer. Multiple outpatient clinics are provided .
Referral to clinic : 9767 5333 or refer directly a urologist (see directory or MDT)

Referring a Patient

Clinicians at Concord Cancer Centre are arranged into teams and departments. The search tool allows you to find clinicians, together with their contact details, based on tumour stream and /or specialty. Alternatively you can review each multidisciplinary team via the home page. This provides an overview of the service and staff with a list of contact numbers.


You can search by name if you already know who you are looking for.

If you wish to learn more about the department and the team refer to the coloured tabs on the home page.

Concord Cancer Centre Appointments - Concord Hospital

Breast and Endocrine Clinic

02 9767 5333

Dermatology Clinic

02 9767 5333

Haematology Clinic

02 9767 5757

Medical Oncology Clinic

02 9767 5757 or 9767 7569

Palliative Care Clinic

02 9767 6799

Radiation Oncology Clinic

02 9767 5757 or 02 9515 8057

Urology Clinic

02 9767 5333

*General Clinic enquiries and booking 9767 5333

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