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The Respiratory Multidisciplinary Team

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The Department of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine is a fully integrated service for the diagnosis and management of all adult Respiratory Disease except for cystic fibrosis. Throughout the phase in the Department's history when it was a Veterans' Affairs Hospital, an active interest in lung cancer developed and this tradition continues. We are able to provide prompt and detailed assessment of respiratory and other morbidities that are relevant to diagnosis and treatment options. In our opinion, no difficult treatment choice should be made before optimisation of lung disease and relevant other active morbidity.

All the important diagnostic and staging procedures are provided within the department. As we control the management of the procedure suite there is minimal delay.

Complex palliative procedures for advanced disease are also provided.

For the problem of the isolated lung nodule requiring follow-up assessment, there is very close collaboration with Radiology and the most modern assessment of radiological change is employed.

Lung Cancer Service

Concord Hospital offers a rapid access, efficient service to help patients and GPs when the question of a possible or probable lung cancer arises. The key issue is to clarify this question as soon as possible after it arises.

After contact, mean time to first consultation is less than two days for patients with a radiological diagnosis. Average time to diagnosis and essentially complete staging is less than seven days - this is achieved in collaboration with Department of Radiology and Pathology and through access to PET imaging at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Where a non-cancer diagnosis is made, patients are moved seamlessly into a management or follow-up program.

Subsequent to a diagnosis of lung cancer being made, patients are managed after discussion within a Multidisciplinary Team Meeting.

Making a referral

A referral from a general practitioner (GP) or specialist is needed for all appointments.

Appointments can be made directly to the specialist rooms or clinic.

If diagnostic tests are required these are arranged on an individual basis. For some patients we will book diagnostic tests before a first visit. The more information included in the referral the better. Where such a test is needed we will liaise directly with the patient and explain.

The Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma Multidisciplinary team includes:

Head of Department, Respiratory Medicine - Professor Matthew Peters
Respiratory Physician - Dr Elizabeth Veitch
Respiratory Physician - Associate Professor Alvin Ing
Respiratory Physician - Dr Lydia Makarie Rofail
Respiratory Physician - Dr Ruby Brillante
Respiratory Physician - Associate Professor Jonathan Rutland
Respiratory Physician - Dr Soo Wei Foo
Medical Oncologist - Dr Prunella Blinman
Medical Oncologist - Associate Professor Janette Vardy
Radiation Oncologist - Dr Regina Tse
Palliative Care Physician - Dr Michelle Butler
Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Consultant - Mr Joshua Cohen