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Concord Palliative Care Service

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The Concord Hospital Consultative Palliative Care Service is an integral part of Concord Cancer Services and continues to provide quality, holistic and evidenced based care to the local community.

Our core business is providing meaningful symptom management and care of the dying at Concord Hospital in a professional and timely manner. The Consultative Palliative Care Service at Concord Hospital enjoys the benefits of working in an acute facility where palliative care is provided in the context of other specialties so that patients are receiving interdisciplinary care. On a weekly basis, we would normally consult for between 20-30 patients and have the ability to admit patients for inpatient care where required.

Our medical team provide weekly outpatient clinics and articulates with the community palliative care team in the Sydney Local Health District. Our registrars will visit patients in their home in the Concord and Croydon local area when required.

We continue to benchmark our service with other equivalent services across the state nationally by participating in the National Standards Assessment Program (NSAP) that has been successfully implemented by Palliative Care Australia.

About our service

A small number of people experience severe or complex problems as their condition advances. These people may be referred to the specialist palliative care service at Concord where a team of specialist professionals will work to meet their needs.

Palliative care works within Cancer Services at Concord to provide patients and families with symptom and psychosocial support. Our aim is to provide seamless care both within the hospital, the local Palliative Care Unit and the local community.

Our service is committed to improving the patient experience. We are presently involved in two research projects and aim to publish the findings on completion.

A new dedicated 20 bed palliative care unit is being built on the Concord Hospital campus. This unit will service the needs of palliative care patients across the district.

Making a referral

A referral from a general practitioner (GP) or specialist is needed for all appointments to the specialist hospital service. Patients are notified of their appointment details by the service.

Phone for an appointment on 02 9767 6799
Fax a referral to 02 9767 8064

Patients are supported in the community by a consultative palliative care community nursing team. This services works closely with the primary health community nursing service and the palliative care doctors.

To access the specialist community palliative care service, contact the Community Health Access Intake Nursing (CHAIN) seven days a week from 8:00am to 4:00pm on 1300 722 276 or via fax on 029767 7026.

The Concord Repatriation General Hospital Palliative Care Service

Head of Department, Palliative Medicine Physician - Dr Ghauri Aggarwal
Palliative Medicine Physician - Dr Michelle Butler
Clinical Nurse Consultant - Joshua Cohen
Volunteer Coordinator - Jacqui Martinez
Bereavement Coordinator - Michael Dash
Palliative Medicine Physician - Dr Kat Urban
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