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Seeing a specialist

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Main: (02) 9767 6799
CCPC: 9767 8266 or 9767 8230
CRG Hospital Switch: (02) 9767 5000
Concord Repatriation General Hospital
Hospital Rd, Concord NSW 2139

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You'll need a referral from your General Practitioner (GP), or another specialist, before your first appointment with a specialist doctor.

The Concord Cancer Centre has a comprehensive range of doctors who each specialise in one of the following areas in the body:

View a list of our doctors here.

Specialist palliative care services are also provided.

Our cancer care approach

Cancer care is managed in a collaborative and multidisciplinary way. It is tailored to each individual with the patient and their families being given consistent and quality information to help make decisions.

We are committed to:

Costs and your first appointment

It's likely your first appointment will be at a specialist doctor's private rooms or in an outpatient department/clinic.

If you visit a doctor in their private rooms, charges may apply - ask when you book your appointment. Costs may vary depending on where you see the doctor (for example, in their rooms, as an outpatient, as a public or private patient).

At an outpatient clinic, you may meet a range of healthcare professionals, including medical specialists and nurses. If you hold a Medicare card, generally visits to outpatient clinics don't incur any costs.

Outpatient facilities are mainly located at Concord Hospital Ground East. If you need directions, please ask at the front enquiry desk in the main building of the Hospital.

A District of cancer care

Concord Repatriation General Hospital is a tertiary hospital affiliated with a number of universities and is located on one of the largest healthcare campuses in Sydney.

Concord Hospital is one of six hospitals in Sydney Local Health District, which has the largest concentration of cancer specialists in NSW. A number of District clinicians are nationally and internationally renowned for their work in a variety of areas including clinical cancer research.

Through the District, Concord Hospital is networked with Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and patients sometimes use services at both hospitals (as suits their individual needs). The hospitals' networked relationship ensures seamless service and one comprehensive medical record during the course of treatment.