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The Neurosurgery Department is committed to research and education. Refer to publications below from department staff:

Associate Professor James Van Gelder
University of Sydney

Associate Professor James van Gelder collaborates with the Department of Biomedical Engineering (University of Sydney) to identify real world clinical problems and solutions. The research involves use of laboratory methods, manufacturing techniques and mathematical modelling.  This collaboration allows direct application of biomedical innovations to clinical neurosurgery.


Long-term reliability of endoscopic third ventriculostomy
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Computed tomographic angiography for detecting cerebral aneurysms: implications of aneurysm size distribution for the sensitivity, specificity, and likelihood ratios
JM van Gelder
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Is postoperative intensive care unit admission a prerequisite for elective craniotomy? Clinical article
JQH Bui, RL Mendis, JM Van Gelder, MMP Sheridan, KM Wright, ...
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Estimating the annual rate of de novo multiple aneurysms: three statistical approaches
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Clinical experience with the low pressure Novus valve in the treatment of adult hydrocephalus
CCW Chong, J van Gelder, M Sheridan
Journal of clinical neuroscience 9 (5), 539-543

Clinical experience with the low pressure Novus valve in the treatment of adult hydrocephalus
CCW Chong, J van Gelder, M Sheridan
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Colloid cyst of the third ventricle in opposite sex, non-twin siblings
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Meta-analysis and use of tests of heterogeneity in neurosurgery
JY Cheong, JM Van Gelder
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A probabilistic and interactive decision-analysis system for unruptured intracranial aneurysms
N Ghinea, JM van Gelder
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Subdural haematomas complicating insertion of the low-pressure Novus hydrocephalus valve: A simple method for intra-operative testing of the anti-siphon device
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Assessment of imaging techniques for intracranial lesions: Positron emission tomography versus magnetic resonance spectroscopy
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The neurosurgery workforce in Australia and New Zealand: a report
JM van Gelder
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Omprakash Damodaran


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Raoul Pope

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