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There is a strong commitment to Neurological research and in Clinical Trials.
Stroke services are based round a state of the art acute stroke unit and include thrombolysis, comprehensive investigation and treatment including outreach rehabilitation. The comprehensive Parkinson disease clinic provides full multidisciplinary management of Parkinson disease.

Neuroimmunology clinic provides services for patients with Neurological disorders with an immunologic basis including myasthenia gravis and multiple sclerosis and includes clinical research and access to clinical trials.

Neuromuscular/Neurogenetic clinic includes diagnosis and management of these disorders. The clinic provides Genetic and Rehabilitation assessments, access to research and clinical trials and management of a wide range of disorders.

Neurosurgery clinic offers services for patients with degenerative spinal conditions and general Neurosurgery. The service works in close collaboration with Concord Cancer Centre in the multi- disciplinary management of patients with brain tumours. There are regular Multi-Disciplinary-Meetings in Neuro-Radiology, Neuro-Pathology and Neuro-Oncology.