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Neurosciences Department

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Staff Specialists
Dr Michael Hayes (Head of Department)
Professor Alastair Corbett
Dr Stephen Reddel
Professor Garth Nicholson
Dr Todd Hardy
Dr Carrie Hurlebrink
Dr James Burrell

Visiting Neurologists
Dr David Sharpe
Dr Con Yiannikas
Dr Arun Aggarwal
Dr Penny Spring

Advanced Trainee Neurology
Neuromuscular Fellow

A/Prof James Van Gelder (Head of Department)
Dr Saeed Kohan
Dr Raoul Pope
Dr Omprakash (Prakash) Damodaran

Dr Larry Kalish (Head of Department)
Dr Raymond Sacks
Dr Arj Ananda
Dr Robert Neil Boustred
Dr Anthony Clifford
Dr Yuresh Naidoo

Nursing Staff
Ms Joanne Katoul - A/Nursing Unit Manager - 5 North
Ms Alison Wilson - Neurosciences Clinical Nurse Consultant
Ms Rebecca Phair - Clinical Nurse Educator - 5 North

5 West Nursing Staff
Ms Cecilia Tat Clinic Nurse - 5 West
Ms Diane Erickson - Neuroimmunology Nurse - 5 West
Ms Rosie Portly - Study Nurse Coordinator - 5 West

Administration Officer - 5 West
Ms Dianne Norris
Ms Nadege Antoine
Mr Lindsay Hardy
Ms Nada Ristevska
Ms Eileen Harvey

Neurophysiology Technicians - 5 West
Ms Michele Ingleton
Ms Meike Masselos