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Services provided by Social Workers include:

  • comprehensive assessment of patients' social, psychological and emotional needs

  • counselling, advocacy and support, particularly in relation to patients' illness/disability and hospitalisation

  • facilitating discharge planning including short term services/support on discharge where eligible

  • co-ordinating and facilitating in-patient NDIS applications

  • information and referral to community services eg. Aged Care services, Carer Support services, Family Support services, Disability services

  • consultation and assistance with child protection and domestic violence matters

  • assistance accessing residential aged care accommodation

  • information and referral for financial and legal assistance

  • information and health education

Interpreters are available to assist patients /carers /families whose first language is not English. Please advise a staff member on the ward if you require an interpreter.

Placement into a residential aged care facility is a major life adjustment that often requires significant counselling and support for both the patient and the family. Should a patient require residential care directly from hospital, please request to speak with a social worker.

Where a patient does not have approvals for residential care an ACAT assessment can be organised by the social worker during the admission.  When the patient has been assessed by the ACAT team prior to admission, the social worker can confirm if the approvals are still valid.

The social worker will meet with family members/carers to discuss and explain the process and can assist the family to find a suitable vacancy by providing information about facilities and current vacancies. Families will be asked to visit facilities to choose a suitable bed. The social worker will then liaise with the medical team and the nominated facility to confirm the discharge plan.