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Our Services

Services provided by Social Workers include:

  • comprehensive assessment of patients’ social, psychological and emotional needs

  • counselling, advocacy and support, particularly in relation to patients’ illness/disability and hospitalisation

  • facilitating discharge planning including short term packages (ComPacks, TACP) on discharge where eligible

  • information  and referral to community services eg. Home Care, Carer Support Services, Family Support Services

  • consultation and assistance with child protection and domestic violence matters

  • assistance accessing residential aged care accommodation

  • information and referral for financial and legal assistance

  • access  to interpreter services as required

  • information and health education

Referrals to Social Work can be made by patients, family members, allied health and medical staff. If you believe services may be necessary for discharge, early contact with the social work department is recommended.

The Services Guide contains the process and the timeframe for services.

As Concord Repatriation General Hospital is a principal referral and teaching hospital the social work department has a strong focus on supervising and educating social work students from accredited universities.

Patient and Carer Information

Events, Groups & Activities

The Social Work Department is involved in running several groups and activities within the hospital for both inpatients and outpatients. Information is available from the social workers in those clinical areas. These include oncology, haematology, cardiology and renal.

3rd Tuesday of March World Social Work Day
1st Tuesday of the month Haberfield Carer Support Group
2nd Friday of the month Blood Cancer Support & Information Group
3rd Tuesday of the month On Track Dementia Café
3rd week of October Carers Week
September Caring for Carers Information Forums
25 November White Ribbon Day
1 December World AIDS Day


Information and Education - Conference Papers 2016

Conference 2016
  1. Conference Program
  2. Future-Proofing Social Work in Health Care: Leadership, Innovation, Evidence
  3. Domestic Violence Routine Screening Project in Emergency
  4. Pregnancy Family Conferencing: What families have to say about the program
  5. Social Work in a Residential Care Setting
  6. NDIS... New Directions in Social work
  7. A Model of Peer Mentoring and Peer Supervision for Palliative Care Social Workers
  8. Working Together - The Introduction of an Aboriginal Liaison Position (ALO) at CRGH
  9. Increasing Social Work Clinical Placement Capacity: Investigating enablers & barriers impacting on social workers’ preparedness to take students on placement
  10. Not a Social Worker but also not a Student - The experience of CRGH Social Work & NSW Aboriginal Allied Health Cadetship Program
  11. Social Work is your first port of call. The challenges of child protection work in a multi-disciplinary team
  12. This is Me - Care Planning for younger patients with intellectual disability
  13. Client Satisfaction Poster
  14. Peer Group Supervision Poster
  15. Using Technology to Enhance our Work with Carers
  16. S H A R E Sharing Hope Acceptance Resilience & Experience