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World-leading medical research - from bench to bedside

Laboratory research and clinical research go hand-in-hand to find treatments and cures for patients.

The Haematology Department's research mission is to:

  • ensure quality, ethically sound clinical trials are the standard of care
  • provide patients with access to emerging therapies through a diverse portfolio of quality trials
  • contribute independently to evidence-based medicine
  • better understand how blood diseases develop
  • produce effective new treatments for patients with blood cancers and blood clots

Basic laboratory bench work is research that comes up with the great ideas for innovative ways to treat patients. It is this work and these ideas that lead to medical breakthroughs. Translational research gets these ideas into clinical trials, where researchers partner with patients to evaluate the safety and benefits of new treatments and medicines. Clinical trials in turn provide the insights on what needs further research back in the laboratory.

This bench-to-bedside research cycle leads to new and innovative treatments and cures.

Bench to bedside research cycle

Laboratory Research

The Haematology Department's laboratory research seeks to better understand how blood clots and cancers develop, to help develop new treatments for our patients. Research at the ANZAC Research Institute, which is located on the Concord Hospital campus, is the first step in helping to develop the new treatments, which will later be tested in clinical trials.

Dr Vivien Chen is the Laboratory Leader for the Platelet and Thrombosis Research Laboratory at the ANZAC Research Institute. She and the team are working to improve health outcomes for patients with Thrombosis (blood clots), by developing new diagnostics and drug therapies for Cardiovascular and Venous Thrombosis. The team also seeks to understand the interaction between blood clots and cancer to develop alternative strategies for improving cancer outcomes.

Laboratory Research
A haematology researcher inspects a slide

Dr Vivien Chen is also the Chair of the Sydney Platelet Research Consortium which was formed in late 2016 - a collaboration between leading researchers at key Sydney hospitals.

Dr Robin Gasiorowski is working with the Dendritic Cell Research Group at the ANZAC Research Institute to develop new treatments using antibodies and the body's own immune system to treat blood cancers.

Dr Nicole Wong Doo is investigating how changes in DNA lead to the development of blood cancers. This work is being undertaken in association with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Victoria.

Laboratory Research
A haematology researcher looks into a microscope

Clinical Research

The Clinical Research Unit (CRU) at Concord Hospital's Department of Haematology was established in 2005.

It is now one of the largest, most rapidly growing clinical trials units in Australia - and the largest clinical research unit for blood cancers in NSW.

The team at Concord Haematology's CRU includes our nine haematologist clinician researchers, six research nurses and thirteen data managers who have built a broad portfolio of clinical trials across the spectrum of blood cancers at Concord Hospital.

They conduct world-leading, patient-centered clinical trials to access and develop innovative therapies for leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood disorders - cutting-edge research which evaluates the safety and benefits of new medicines.

Laboratory Research
A haematology researcher looks into a microscope

Clinical trials improve outcomes for patients and have greatly increased the cure rates for many blood cancers over recent years. By participating in these world-leading clinical trials, hundreds of patients at Concord Hospital have benefited greatly from many new and innovative treatments, long before they are funded by the Australian Government.

For these patients and their families, participation in our clinical research offers them greater hope for a cure and a better quality of life.

Meet some of our clinical trials participants and their families in our series of videos at

Laboratory Research

Participating in Clinical Trials

If you have been diagnosed with a blood cancer, you may be asked to consider participating in one of our clinical trials.

If you choose to participate, you will have your own Care Coordinator who will help you navigate the treatment process, along with support from our haematology specialists, research nurses and data managers.

Current trialsCurrent Trials

A comprehensive list of currently recruiting clinical trials across NSW and ACT is provided through the handy ClinTrial Refer mobile app. It provides information that is searchable by Disease, Location, Trial Status and Sponsor. It also includes Push Notifications, updating on new Trials or Trials that are about to close.

The App is available for doctors and patients, free of charge through the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Donations Urgently Needed

The Clinical Research Unit is financially independent and not for profit. With little public funding, we rely heavily on grants, donations and local fundraising to focus on the research priorities of our patients.

Find out how you can make a much needed donation towards blood cancer research at Concord Hospital.

Clinical Trials Update

More than 140 clinical trials have been conducted for Haematology patients at the Clinical Research Unit at Concord Hospital's Department of Haematology - the largest clinical research unit for blood cancers in NSW. This includes trials for lymphoma, myeloma, leukaemia, platelet disorders, coagulation disorders.

More than 700 participants have taken part in our Haematology clinical trials, which has given them access to more than $22 million worth of medicines since 2004.

Our community driven fundraising body, Foundation for A Bloody Great Cause Limited, raises funds to support our world-leading clinical trials. Find out more about the Foundation, the Haematology Clinical Research Unit and the latest news about our clinical trials by visiting the Foundation's website,

Laboratory Research
Clinicians collaborate for patients' better health outcomes

ANZAC Research Institute

The ANZAC Research Institute, located at Concord Hospital, provides leadership and excellence in health and medical research activities throughout Australia, to improve the future health and medical care for the Australasian community. Find out more at

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