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About Us

The Concord Hospital Intensive Care Unit was established approximately forty years ago to cater for the acute care needs of patients of the Hospital and local health district. Since this time, the unit has undergone extension, refurbishment and modernisation as well as integration to the State system.

The Intensive Care unit is a mixed intensive care/high dependency unit comprising 13 beds which caters for the acute healthcare needs of critically unwell medical and surgical patients. The ICU supports the acute medical needs of patients admitted to the 500 bed Concord Repatriation General Hospital (CRGH) and the wider SLHD.

The Concord ICU plays a critical role in the NSW Statewide Severe Burn Injury Service which is located at CRGH. As such, the intensive care unit is a major tertiary burns referral centre and cares for critically ill burns patients and patients with complex wounds or significant skin loss, from across the state and from the south Pacific Island of New Caledonia.

Patients requiring admission to ICU or HDU are more complex and unwell than those managed on the general wards. The Intensive care unit is staffed and equipped to meet these increased needs, where patients are continuously monitored and cared for by a team of specialised doctors and nurses that offer 24 hour onsite care. The unit offers a vast array of support measures including mechanical ventilation, dialysis and cardiovascular support.

The ICU team strive to ensure comprehensive and compassionate care to all patients. Our team offers a full range of services to diagnose, manage and treat life-threatening conditions. The ICU has access to advanced technologies, highly skilled clinicians and nurses to help support critically ill patients. We continually ensure that the management of our patients is in accordance with best available evidence and is consistent with national and international current best practice.

Concord ICU is actively involved in the development and promulgation of high quality research, frequently participating in multicentre investigations initiated by the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care society. These projects are designed to improve practice and provide vital information on the best available treatment modalities for our patients and ICU patients globally.

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