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The Sydney Cancer Survivorship Cottage

The Survivorship Cottage is located in the grounds of Concord Hospital. Activities for cancer survivors and their families include classes and support groups.

Courses and Workshops

Our courses and workshops are available to cancer patients who have had their treatment at Concord Hospital, or are seeing a cancer medical specialist at Concord. All cancer patients are welcome, regardless of the stage of your disease.

Classes run during the school term and there is no cost to join. You can try out a class to see if it is suitable for you before you sign up for the term. If there is space in a class a carer is also welcome to join you for the class.

For more information and to register email

Listed below are some of the courses that are available. A full copy of the latest term program is here

Art Therapy

Our art therapist works with the group to use different art techniques each week to foster self-awareness, creativity and personal growth. Can't draw or paint? Don't worry, no artistic talent is needed to enjoy this class.

Music therapy

Sing and play along to music, write songs together, or simply enjoy listening to music in this class.

"Music therapy classes give endless opportunities to experience the immense joy through playing, singing, song writing, and other music activities- to both connect to yourself and others as a community". Hanna Tsoi, Registered Music Therapist

Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong uses movements, breathing and meditation to maximise natural body healing. Qigong can improve the well-being of people living with cancer by helping to relieve pain and reduce anxiety.

Gentle Yoga

Studies have shown that yoga can reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, mood, energy levels and the quality of life in cancer survivors.

"Having yoga at least once a week provides a break away from our day to day activities and rush. Helps heaps with muscle and core strength as well as providing relief and relaxation. I enjoy this class very much".  Mary, cancer survivor


Our tutor will guide you through the steps of scrapbooking to create a scrapbook or journal of your journey, or any topic you would like to focus on. Holidays, pets, coffee, grandchilden, any topic can be scrapbooked.


Pilates can help improve balance, flexibility, core strength and endurance.

Cool, calm and connected: relaxation classes

Learn some helpful relaxation, meditation and stress relief strategies in this class.


Mindfulness classes uses techniques such as meditation to help improve awareness of where you are and what you are doing. It can help reduce stress, and gain insight and awareness of ourselves and others. Introductory and more advanced classes are held regularly through the year.

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