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Survivorship Research

Research is an important part of what we do at the Sydney Cancer Survivorship Centre. Our aim is to provide good quality evidence to help manage the issues that are important to cancer survivors.
These include:

  • ongoing fatigue
  • disturbed sleep
  • problems with memory, thinking and concentrating
  • problems with damage to the nerves in the fingers/toes from some chemotherapy agents
  • distress
  • fear of cancer recurrence

 The Centre also undertakes studies supporting physical activity and nutrition.

Studies currently open:


CHALLENGE: An exercise study for people who completed chemotherapy for Stage II or III colon cancer 2 - 6 months previously.

PREHAB-GI: An exercise study for people prior to undergoing surgery for stage 1 -3 colorectal (bowel) cancer or an upper gastrointestinal cancer (e.g. pancreas, gall-bladder, stomach, oesophagus, small intestine).

Zenergise: An exercise and mindfulness study for people who still have fatigue 6-60 months after completing chemotherapy for an early-stage cancer.


Cognitive Rehabilitation Study: A trial comparing different types of treatment for people who completed chemotherapy for an early-stage cancer, within the last 6-60 months, who still have cognitive symptoms that they think are due to their cancer/cancer treatment.

Breast Cancer

Ageing and chemotherapy: For women who were aged 65 or more at the time of their diagnosis who received chemotherapy within the last 5 years for early-stage breast cancer. The aim of the study is to see if chemotherapy affects cognitive function in people aged 65 years or more.

Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (damage to the nerves in the toes and fingers from some types of chemotherapy)

OXTOX: For people with advanced colorectal cancer who are about to start oxaliplatin chemotherapy. The trial is looking to see whether a drug can help prevent or reduce the damage to the nerves from occurring.

LANTERN: For people who have ongoing numbness, tingling or pain in hands and/or feet at least 3 months after completing certain chemotherapy agents (taxanes or platinums) for early stage cancers. The study is looking to see whether laser acupuncture helps with these symptoms.

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