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About Us

Our vision is for all people diagnosed with cancer to live the lives they want in the best health possible after a cancer diagnosis.

Sydney Cancer Survivorship Centre

The Sydney Cancer Survivorship Centre at Concord Hospital was established in 2013. Our aim is to help survivors at all stages of the cancer journey, by providing access to a multidisciplinary team of professionals to support an individual's needs following a cancer diagnosis. We focus on helping people make positive lifestyle changes, including improving their physical activity and nutrition, as well as providing psychological support.

Who is a cancer survivor?

You are considered a cancer survivor from the time of diagnosis, through the balance of your life. As cancer survival rates have improved, there is more focus on the quality of the time following treatment for cancer.

Why was the Sydney Cancer Survivorship Centre established?

The Sydney Cancer Survivorship Centre is dedicated to help survivors and families better manage their treatment beyond its acute diagnosis and care. Many cancer survivors experience changes in physical and emotional well-being.  There may be ongoing side effects from treatment that impact on wellness, including fatigue, changes in thinking and memory, or practical concerns around finances and return to work.   Many survivors are able to overcome these issues in time, but some continue to have unmet needs including fear of the cancer coming back or progressing.
The Sydney Cancer Survivorship Centre consists of:

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