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The Intensive care is a multidisciplinary team involving doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and support staff. The medical staff of the unit is composed of a number of Intensive Care Specialists who oversee the management of patients, liaise with medical physicians and surgeons and provide support and high quality care to patients and their families as well as providing supervision of registrars and resident medical officers.

The nursing staff are highly specialised and care for patients in a 1:1 ratio for intensive care patients and in a 1:2 ratio for high dependency patients. They are trained and experienced in the management of the acute needs of critically ill patients. The ICU employs several specialised nurses including a Nurse Unit Manager, a Clinical Nurse Consultant, Clinical Nurse Educators and Clinical Nurse Specialists.

There are many allied health staff which assist the doctors and nurses in the care of patients and their families. They are present in the unit and play an integral role in the expert care and multidisciplinary approach to patient recovery.  These include pharmacists, physiotherapists, dieticians, speech pathologists and social workers. They are present daily in the ICU to help optimise patient outcomes.

There is a vast amount of work and input that goes into operating an intensive care unit and as such there are numerous individuals who work behind the scenes that are vital for the day to day running of the ICU. These include secretaries and ward clerks, research personnel, Assistants in Nursing (AINs), cleaners and maintenance staff.

Being a tertiary teaching hospital of the University of Sydney and an accredited unit for the training of Intensive care specialists with the College of Intensive Care Medicine, the Concord ICU is committed to the continuing education of staff and involvement in research and quality improvement projects. This not only complies with each staff member's professional responsibility but assures unit based development and optimisation of patient care. The staff of the ICU/HDU, pride themselves on working together as a team to ensure the best outcome for our patients.