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Concord Repatriation General Hospital


We treat all our clients with respect, dignity and consideration. We ask that our patients and visitors treat all people they meet here with respect as well. People who behave in an offensive or aggressive manner may be asked to leave the Hospital.

Moving around the grounds safely

Whilst you are an Inpatient you need to advise the Nursing Unit Manager or Nurse In Charge when you leave/return to the ward. If not, you may be reported as 'missing' and security will conduct a search of the hospital. The NSW Police may also be advised.

Vehicle and car security

All roads within the grounds have a 10K speed limit.

Access controls

Many areas of the hospital have controlled or restricted access. You are asked to abide by these access restrictions.

Personal belongings

Do not leave personal items in the open for all to see. Ensure that you only bring in items that you need. DO NOT tell anyone where you keep your belongings. You are strongly advised not to bring valuables or large sums of money into the hospital. No responsibility will be accepted by the hospital for loss or damage to personal items retained by the patient.

Identification badges

All hospital staff and authorised visitors must wear an identification badge. If you are approached by anyone without an identification badge please alert the Unit Manager immediately.

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