Concord Hospital Concord Hospital
Palliative Care Service

Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies are provided for patients in the Inpatient Unit:

Massage therapy for an CCPC inpatient

Massage Therapy:

  • Provided by a fully qualified massage therapist who visits the Inpatient Unit twice weekly
  • Provides relaxing massages for patients and their carers
  • Services are provided within the Inpatient Unit’s dedicated therapy room or in patient rooms

Diversional Therapy

  • Empowers patients to make meaningful use of their recreational and leisure time
  • Engages patients in a range of activities such as games, movies, puzzles, crafts and vision boards
  • Volunteers also help organise day trips for patients and help them record and share their life stories through cards and letters

Pet Therapy:

  • Pets provide faithful companionship and unconditional love resulting in reduced anxiety and stress and increased relaxation
  • A therapy dog that visits the Inpatient Unit regularly.
  • Carers are welcome to bring a beloved family pet into the unit to visit. Please ensure the nursing staff are informed prior to these visits.

Music Therapy:

We regularly provide music based activities for the therapeutic benefit of patients and their families.

Arts and Crafts provided for CCPC inpatients

Art Therapy:

A  qualified visual artist visits the unit and works alongside patients to help facilitate their creative journey

Feeding Program:

  • Provides assistance to those patients who may not be able to feed themselves  when families are not present
  • Our feeding program is run by dedicated and caring volunteers