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Research and Education

Research and Education Activities at CRGH 

Research and Development

The Concord Centre for Palliative Care has a strong focus on clinical research with the aim to improve healthcare outcomes for palliative care patients and their families. Our research unit is involved in several projects aimed at developing and enhancing new management approaches for palliative symptoms and end of life care.

As a patient within The Concord Centre for Palliative Care, you are invited to participate in one or more of our research studies. Participating in research can have many benefits:

  • additional time and education with an experienced health professional
  • an opportunity to voice your opinion on your treatment and care received in a meaningful way
  • an opportunity to contribute to knowledge which will improve care of patients now and in the future

For research related queries, please call 9767 6799

Academic Program

The Concord Centre for Palliative Care has an expansive academic program for training and education of health professionals (medical, nursing and allied health), both locally and abroad. It is a recognised training site for Palliative Medicine training, involved with nursing and allied health exposure and PEPA host site.