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Preparing for your stay
My Admission Checklist

Preparing for your stay

My Admission Checklist

This admission check list will help you to ensure you have packed all you need for your stay in hospital. It also helps to guide discussions with the Pre-admission Clinic, the Admissions Department, your doctor and ward staff, and helps prepare for the day you are going home.

Inpatient pharmacy leafletConcord Repatriation General Hospital Pharmacy - Practical tips for your hospital stay

Our pharmacists ensure medicines prescribed for you in hospital are used safely and appropriately. Please bring all your current medicines or a medicine list to hospital. Your doctors and/or ward pharmacist may ask you about them.



Preparing for admission: Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I report on the day of admission?

Please enter the hospital through the Main Entrance and proceed to the Main Information Desk, located in the Main Foyer. Wheelchairs are available in the Main Entrance. Volunteers are available to assist you with directions Monday to Friday between 6:30am - 12:30pm.

What do I bring?

Sleepwear (nightwear, slippers & dressing gown)
Toiletries & other personal items like tissues, soap
X-Rays and scans (relevant to your stay)
All medications ( tablets & puffers) and treatments you are currently taking
Medicare Card & Pension Card
Veterans' Affairs Entitlement Card
Private Health Insurance Fund Membership Card / Book
Phone card (can be purchased from most newsagencies)

What NOT to bring

Large amounts of money, jewellery and other valuables
Television set and other electrical equipment

What are hospital visiting times?

General Wards                   11:00am - 1:30pm and 3:00pm - 8:00pm
Burns Unit                          2:00pm - 8:00pm
Intensive Care Unit             Midday - 8:00pm

How many visitors can I have?

Two (2) visitors at a time is suggested for your comfort and the comfort of other patients.

What services are available?

Interpreters - Indicate on your Patient Registration Form or contact the Interpreter Service or ask the Admissions Department.
Chaplain - Ask the Nursing Unit Manager or contact the Admissions Department.
Disabled Parking -contact the main Security Office
Do you require aids for daily living? - contact the Equipment Loan Pool

Can I smoke?

For Health and Safety reasons smoking is NOT allowed in any building or on the grounds of the hospital.

Can I use my mobile phone?

Not inside the hospital - Outside the hospital buildings only (due to interference to medical equipment). Please turn your phone off when inside the hospital. Bedside telephone services available in most wards (phone card required).

I'm not sure what I need to pay or who to?

For enquires regarding patient fees prior to your admission please contact the Private Patient Liaison Officer the Admissions Department

Should I bring cash?

You should only need to bring sufficient cash for personal items such as newspapers or cafeteria purchases You are strongly advised not to bring valuables or large sums of money into the hospital. No responsibility will be accepted by the hospital for loss or damage to personal items retained by the patient. Personal items include: your property, dentures, jewellery, equipment (walking sticks, hearing aids, glasses) etc. If necessary, valuables and money can be handed to the Nursing Manager for safekeeping with the Cashier. Receipts will be issued for money or valuables deposited at Cashier, and cash and valuables can be collected at the Cashier's Office upon presentation of your original receipt. Please note: All electrical equipment brought into the hospital must be checked by an electrician at the hospital prior to use.

Can my family speak to the staff treating me?

Should one of your relatives wish to talk to the doctor on your behalf, the Nursing Unit Manager or Nurse In Charge will be pleased to arrange an interview at a mutually convenient time.

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