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Fuel for learning

We pack lunchboxes for our kids five days a week and with children needing one-third of their daily food intake during the school day, it’s important to give them healthy options. Sydney Local Health District’s childhood dietician Kalliope Polyronis has some great tips for ensuring your little learners are getting all the goodness they need.

Fuel for Learning

 “A healthy lunch for children ensures they are fuelled for a long day of learning and play and supports growth and development” says Mrs Polyronis. But how do we ensure our kids are eating what goes into their lunchboxes? Encouraging them to be involved is a good start.  She says letting children make their own choices (from a range of healthy options at home) can make all the difference. “They are more likely to eat food they have chosen themselves”.

Making sure lunches are easy to eat for little hands is important too. Sandwiches should be cut into quarters, large fruit cut into pieces and containers need to seal well but be easy to open. Also remember cold foods need to be kept cold with something like an ice brick and hot foods should be kept hot in an insulated flask. Anything left over at the end of the day needs to go in the bin and lunchboxes and drink bottles should be washed out daily.


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