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The hunt for a healthy Easter

Want to avoid a sugar overload this Easter? With Sydney Local Health District's Early Childhood Dietitian Kate Holland's tips, it's not as hard as you might think!

The hunt for a healthy Easter   The hunt for a healthy Easter

 “Make it an active Easter! Instead of just giving children Easter eggs, make it into a treasure hunt game so they have to go on a search through the garden or a local park.” suggests Ms Holland.

The Easter long weekend is a great chance for families to spend quality time together - try to take advantage of this time by getting the kids outdoors, playing games and running around - this can take their mind off wanting to eat too many Easter eggs.

Easter craft is also a great family activity that is both fun and healthy. You could try decorating the shells of hard boiled eggs or making Easter hats. These activities are fun and help develop the muscles of the hand, helping children do other tasks, like opening a lunch box.

Ms Holland says if you’re entertaining, it’s a good idea to ensure there are healthy options on the table as well as Easter treats, and to keep an eye on what your children are putting into their mouths. If they fill up on healthy foods first, there will be less room for chocolates later! “Let them have a hot cross bun at a family gathering, but set limits so they’re not eating unrestricted quantities of hot cross buns and Easter eggs all day.”

Remember, Easter is a time of celebration for many families, and it is okay to treat your children and yourselves. However you can do this and still be healthy by following a few of our tips and tricks below.


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