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Clinical Redesign

Clinical Redesign reengineers the processes involved in the patient journey to create radical improvements, creating a culture of collaboration, integration and innovation.

Clinical Redesign

Clinical Redesign is primarily focused on improving clinical processes to enhance the patient journey. This is done by analysing what the current issues are, understanding how they impact the patient journey and then introducing better ways of providing care.

The Clinical Redesign Program was funded by NSW Health in a bid to improve clinical processes and to deliver more refined standards of patient care. The former Sydney South West Area Health Service (SSWAHS) accepted this program as it encouraged operational performance improvement, facilitated a program of change and embedded continuous improvement.

Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) continues to support this program for its effectiveness to:

  • Reengineer the processes involved in the patient journey to create radical improvements critical to patient satisfaction
  • Encourage staff to analyse the current situation and empowering them to develop new ways of completing tasks and following processes
  • Promote the patient and carer's voice by appreciating experiences through their eyes
  • Building staff capacity and capability within the workplace
  • Developing a culture of collaboration by involving all staff and clinicians in the process of change

The Clinical Redesign Program follows a rigorous project management methodology to clinical redesign projects.  This methodology follows the subsequent phases:

For more information regarding the Clinical Redesign please contact Barbye Castillo, SLHD Performance and Clinical Redesign Program Manager by email or visit our intranet webpage and following the links - SLHD Performance Unit > Performance and Clinical Redesign