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A number of project management resources are available for use with your quality improvement projects.

The Sydney Local Health District has also developed an interactive Project toolkit which provides project teams not only with the appropriate tools when starting a project but guides processes along to ensure deliverables are achieved. For the experienced project manager, the SLHD Project Toolkit provides the necessary checkpoints to ensure all stakeholders and processes are reviewed and consulted. For the novice project officer, it offers a structured process of project management and quality improvement.

The toolkit includes concepts, examples and tools adapted from the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) Centre for Healthcare Redesign (CHR) Program, Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) programs and Baxter's LEAN Yellow Belt Training. Methodologies such as LEAN, Six Sigma, and CPI are explored while maintaining close alignment with the Clinical Redesign Methodology which incorporates a number of change management and continuous improvement concepts.

Templates, tools and resources have also been adapted from the ACI's Centre for Healthcare Redesign (CHR) Program and the CEC's Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI) Program.

For more information regarding the available project management resources please contact Barbye Castillo, SLHD Performance and Clinical Redesign Program Manager by email or visit our intranet webpage and following the links - SLHD Performance Unit > Performance and Clinical Redesign > Project Management Resources