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Our Team

The Innovation Group team consists of clinicians and corporate staff members dedicated to the infusion, advocacy and support of innovation through the Sydney Local Health District. The team meet monthly to develop and direct innovative programs which will be implemented across the District; determine program management support provided to programs including levels of support and timeframes; and coordinate the annual Innovations Symposium.

Members include:

  • Chief Executive, SLHD
  • Director, Performance Monitoring, Systems Improvement & Innovation, SLHD
  • General Manager, CRGH
  • Program Manager, Sydney Research, SLHD
  • Director Corporate Services, Canterbury Hospital
  • Professor of Surgery, CRGH
  • Medical Superintendant, CRGH
  • Operational Nurse Manager, Canterbury Hospital
  • Allied Health Representative, SLHD
  • Staff Specialist, Rheumatology, RPA
  • Staff Specialist, Anaesthetics, RPA
  • Registrar, RPA
  • Performance and Clinical Redesign Program Manager, SLHD
  • Operational Support Manager, DHS
  • Deputy CIO & Director, eMR SLHD & SWSLHD, IMTD, SLHD
  • Mental Health Representative, SLHD
  • Community Health Representative, SLHD
  • Cancer Services Representative, SLHD
  • Clinical Quality Manager, Clinical Governance Unit, SLHD
  • Innovations Program Manager, CEWD