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Consumers and Carer Experience of Service

Your feedback helps us improve our mental health services.

We gather feedback via two surveys, available in many community languages:

  • Your Experience of Service (YES) survey is designed to gather information from consumers about their experiences of care. This is a national consumer experience survey, used by all mental health services in Australia.

  • The Carers Experience Survey (CES) asks about carers experiences of mental health services, and was designed in collaboration with carers and mental health staff. Like YES, CES is designed to help services and carers work together to build better mental health services by understanding the carer experience.

To complete a survey, click on the relevant service below. If you've had contact with more than one service, complete a separate survey for each service.

Once you've clicked the relevant link, choose 'Consumer' if you're providing feedback about your own experience of service, or 'Carer' if you're responding as a carer.

Concord Centre for Mental Health

CCMH Admissions
CCMH Broughton
CCMH Kirkbride
CCMH Manning
CCMH Manning East
CCMH McKay West
CCMH Norton
CCMH Walker Veterans Day Program

Professor Marie Bashir Centre at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

PMBC Admissions Unit
PMBC Acute Unit
PMBC High-Dependency (North - Male) Unit
PMBC High-Dependency (South - Female) Unit
PMBC Short Stay Unit
PMBC Peter Beaumont Eating Disorders Unit

Rivendell (Thomas Walker Hospital)

Rivendell Inpatient Service
Rivendell Outpatient Service

Community Mental Health Services

Redfern Mental Health Service

Redfern Core Mental Health Team

Camperdown Mental Health Service

Camperdown Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAOS)
Camperdown Core Mental Health Team
Camperdown Early Intervention Team
Camperdown Headspace Early Intervention Team
Camperdown Marrickville Redfern Acute Care Team
Camperdown Marrickville Redfern Assertive Outreach Team (MAT)
Camperdown Older People's Mental Health Service

Marrickville Mental Health Service

Marrickville Core Mental Health Team

Canterbury Mental Health Service

Canterbury Acute Care Team
Canterbury Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAOS)
Canterbury Core Mental Health Team
Canterbury Older People's Mental Health Service

Croydon Mental Health Service

Croydon Acute Care Team
Croydon Assertive Outreach Team
Croydon Core Mental Health Team
Croydon Early Intervention Team
Croydon Headspace Early Intervention Team

General Adult Teams

Aboriginal Mental Health Team
Buduwa Step Up Step Down Team
GP Shared Care Program
Got It! Team
Mental Health Telephone Access Line Team
Perinatal Infant Mental Health Service (PIMHS)
Statewide Intellectual Disability MH Outreach Service (SIDMHOS)

Hospital Consultation Liaison

Canterbury Hospital Consultation Liaison Team
Concord Hospital Consultation Liaison Team
RPA Hospital Consultation Liaison Team

What happens to the survey results?

Every three months, the mental health service receives a report on our performance. We receive a large report based on all returns, and reports for each team based on their own performance. All mental health teams discuss their results and come up with Action and Change Plans to improve what you are telling us needs improvement.

Our peak committee for consumer and care engagement, Partnering with Consumers, Carers and the Community Committee (PWCCC), is made up of senior staff, consumers and carers. They review the Inpatient Returns Report (relates to hospital-based services) and Ambulatory Returns Report (relating to Community Health-based services).
After reviewing the reports, the PWCCC develop an Action and Change Report for Inpatient (Hospital-based) Services, and another for Ambulatory (Community-based) Services.

Below are the state-wide reports on the experience of consumers and carers who access our mental health services:

NSW Health Mental Health Carer Experience Survey CES Annual Report 2020-21
NSW Health Your Experience of Service YES Annual Report 2019-20
NSW Health Your Experience of Service YES Annual Report 2020-21
Mental Health Consumer Experience during COVID

Your Experience of Service (YES) Annual Reports

Your Experience of Service - What Consumers Say About NSW Mental Health Services 2018-2019
Your Experience of Service - What Consumers Say About NSW Mental Health Services 2017-2018
Your Experience of Service - What Consumers Say About NSW Mental Health Services 2016-2017
Your Experience of Service - What Consumers Say About NSW Mental Health Services 2015-2016

Further information

For more information about the YES and CES surveys, search 'experience of care' at
You can also ask your Care Coordinator, Nurse, Team Leader, NUM, or Peer Support Worker for more information, or contact Megan Still, Service Planning and Innovation Manager on or 0417 043 648.