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Consumers and Carer Experience of Service

Our mental health service values your feedback and your experience of care. We will use the feedback you provide us to improve our services. We have two experience surveys. The YES survey is designed to gather information from consumers about their experiences of care. This is a national consumer experience survey, used by all mental health services in Australia.

The CES survey asks about carers experiences of mental health services, and was designed in collaboration with carers and mental health staff. Like YES, CES is designed to assist services and carers to work together to build better mental health services by understanding the carer experience.

You or your carer will be offered the YES and CES survey during your care. You can also ask a member of staff for a copy. The CES is a paper based survey. The YES survey is a paper survey and can also be done online by either going to and typing in the service code of the team that looks after you, or scanning the QR code. A list of our teams, service codes, and QR codes is below.

Every 3 months the mental health service receives a report on our performance. We receive a large report based on all returns, and reports for each team based on their own performance. All mental health teams discuss their results and come up with a plan to improve what you are telling us needs improvement. These are called Action and Change plans. Our Partnering with Consumers, Carers and the Community Committee (PWCCC) reviewed the Inpatient returns report, which is all returns for all hospital based services, and the Ambulatory returns report, which is all returns for all Community Mental Health Services. After reviewing the reports the PWCCC writes an Action and Change report for all of community, and all of inpatient services also. Below are the Action and Change plans for Community Mental Health Services and Inpatient Mental Health Services.

The codes for CES and YES are the same.

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Ambulatory Action and Change Plans

Inpatient Action and Change Plans

YES Annual Reports

More information about the development of the YES and CES survey can be found at and doing a search for ‘experience of care’.

You can also ask your Care Coordinator, Nurse, Team Leader, NUM, Peer Support Worker, or contact Megan Still, Service Planning & Innovation Manager on or 0417 043 648.