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RPA Ketamine Treatment Clinic and Psychological Medicine Clinical Trials Unit

At the Professor Marie Bashir Centre we have two novel treatment options for people with complex mood disorders

  1. The RPA Ketamine Clinic is a public hospital outpatient treatment clinic, preferentially serving residents of Sydney LHD.

    All clinic patients receive treatment for 4-8 weeks, with those benefitting significantly being give a six month maintenance treatment option. Patients are monitored in a clinically and psychologically safe environment. Our patients are encouraged and supported to reach out to clinic staff during their treatments should it become difficult or challenging, which we might expect on occasion in ketamine treatment.

    We encourage all patients to seek or maintain the therapeutic relationships that they have in place with the members of their treating teams as we cannot take over the clinical care of patients referred to us.

    We are not resourced to offer adjunctive psychotherapy or integration services to patients. At present there is insufficient evidence to support the use of integration with ketamine treatment as used in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, although it seems such therapeutic relationships seem beneficial for clinic patients.

    For enquiries related to the RPA Ketamine Treatment Clinic please email
  1. RPA/University of Sydney Psychological Medicine Clinic Trials Unit

    We have a number of current and planned clinical trials of ketamine and other novel therapies for difficult to treat mood disorders. As these are research studies, we accept referrals from anywhere and in-area patients are not prioritised over out-of-area patients.

    For enquiries related to the Psychological Medicine Clinical Trials Unit please email

    Currently recruiting

    5-MeO-DMT-assisted psychotherapy for treatment-resistant depression

    • N.B. this trial requires patients to temporarily stop all current pharmacotherapies, and is NOT suitable for people for whom any of ECT, tMS or ketamine has not been effective

    Commencing early 2024

    Psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for treatment-resistant depression

    • This trial requires patients to stop all current pharmacotherapies but will consider people who have not responded to ECT, tMS or ketamine

    Ketamine for bipolar depression

    • Bipolar disorder is currently considered a contraindication for ketamine treatment, and we are one of the centres a large Australian government funded trial re-evaluating this