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Mental Health Line
1800 011 511

My Story: Jane, caring for a son with schizophrenia
In our series of videos for Mental Health Month watch this engaging interview with Jane, who cares for her son, diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Choice and Medication ©

Find out more about mental health medications, treatments and conditions

This website provides information about medications used in mental health conditions in a variety of forms and languages. It is updated and maintained by health care professionals, and receives no funding from drug companies.

Choice and Medication© Leaflets are designed to help service users, carers and family members understand their medicines better, and to make more informed decisions, best as part of a discussion with a healthcare professional.

The website also links to:

  • handy charts, guides and fact sheets,
  • translated information,
  • emergency contacts,
  • support organisations,
  • other health and medication websites and hotlines,
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding, and
  • information for Aboriginal health and learning disabilities

Leaflet Type Key

PILL Patient Information Leaflets; 2 pages, 16-17 Q&As, font size 10.5pt, 1200-1600 words
BILL Brief Information Leaflets; one page, 10-11 Q&As, font size 11.5pt, 450-550 words
BILL-XL Extra-Large print BILLs; font size 16pt
QuILL Quicker Leaflets, easier on the eye, 2pages, 9 Q&As, font size 10.5pt, 1000-1200 words
VERA Very Easy-Read Leaflets; 2-3 pages, font size 14-16pt, main text 140-160 words