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Low Points & Hard Times

A person's sense of wellbeing is influenced by a complex set of factors. Things beyond our control can precipitate mental health issues that affect our ability to cope. Accidents, illness, death or loss of a loved one, natural disasters, financial troubles, employment troubles and assault could all be triggers for a mental health problem. It is estimated that nearly half of the population will experience a significant disruption to their mental health at some stage in their lives.

At these points, the choices we make, the supports we have, and the strategies we use to cope, have implications for how we recover or bounce back. We have specialists within our service who offer techniques and support to get through these hard times. They can assist you in goal setting, getting your work-life balance right, building resilience and managing stress. We also work closely with other organisations and community groups to provide the best care at times of hardship and crisis.

If you, or someone you are concerned about, is not coping call the

Mental Health Line
24 hours a day
7 days a week
1800 011 511