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Balmain Hospital

Balmain Hospital is a community-based healthcare facility that has been caring for local people since 1885. We promote a culture of excellence in aged care and rehabilitation nursing. Our staff are committed to the delivery of evidence-based healthcare, and we provide quality services to meet the individual needs of all our patients. Our nurses play a very special role in patient recovery, acting as caregivers, teachers, coordinators, motivators and patient advocates. They encourage patients to maintain their independence where possible, but provide them with as much support as they need during their recovery. Nursing staff work in partnership with other health professionals in the Hospital to achieve the best patient outcomes. Specialist nurses are available for consultation and education purposes.

At present, we have a unique mix of highly experienced staff, in addition to new graduate nurses who are being mentored by more senior members of the nursing team. Balmain Hospital is in a beautiful location with views of the city skyline and Sydney Harbour, and is in close proximity to a variety of cafes and restaurants. We have on-site accommodation available for rent in the Balmain Hospital Nurses Quarters at Stacey House.

Canterbury Hospital

Canterbury Hospital

The nursing team at Canterbury strives to provide a safe, happy and supportive environment for our staff and the best possible care for our patients. Our vision is to deliver innovative healthcare, which inspires pride and confidence throughout our organisation and staff and the community we serve.

We employ over 450 nurses and midwives in a variety of clinical settings, and offer the full range of professional nursing roles including Clinical Nurse Consultants, Clinical Nurse Educators, Nurse Practitioners, Midwife Practitioners, Registered Nurses and midwives, Enrolled Nurses, Assistants in Nursing and Assistants in Midwifery. These roles all contribute to support our vision to provide best clinical practice and professional development opportunities for all nursing and midwifery staff. Undergraduate nurses are also employed through our Casual Nursing Pool, which is an excellent way to supplement undergraduate training and harness interest for all graduating nurses in our Transitional Nurse Program.

Leadership and support of the Nursing and Midwifery Division is provided by our team of Nursing and Midwifery Unit Managers, Operational and After Hours Nurse Managers, in conjunction with Clinical Managers for the clinical specialty streams. Each of our clinical settings provide opportunity for staff development and ongoing education programs.

I have been fortunate to have a varied and exciting career in nursing, working in a variety of clinical areas including HIV/AIDS, Palliative Care and Neurology and also in the alternate and stimulating area of nursing in the Film and Television Industry. A passion for public health and a strong commitment to nursing leadership led me back into the hospital environment, and into the position I hold today.

I encourage you to contact us for more information and advice about employment opportunities in nursing and midwifery here at Canterbury and I look forward to welcoming you to our team.

Community Health

Community Health

Community Health services in Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) play an important and pivotal role in the continuum of health care offered to the local community in the inner west. Community Health refers to a range of community based prevention, early intervention, assessment, acute/post-acute treatment, health maintenance and continuing care services designed to improve or maintain the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Community Health employs over 250 nurses across three clinical Directorates:

  • Community Health Nursing: Nurses in this Directorate provide services such as Hospital in the Home - Acute care-substitution to avoid hospital admission or assist in reducing the patients length of stay in hospital through the provision of a range of interventions in partnership with GPs, local hospitals and Ambulatory Care units; Wound management & treatment of people with acute and chronic wounds; Continence and catheter management; Chronic disease self-management - incorporating the development of self-management plans in collaboration with the client and the GP and facilitation of self-management groups; Palliative care; Support to staff and residents of residential aged care facilities (RACF) to prevent unnecessary admission and post-acute support where possible

  • Child and Family Health Nurses (CFHNs) are registered nurses with further qualifications within speciality areas including child and family health nursing, lactation and audiometry.
    Child and Family Health Nurses have a key role in providing early contact to families of children aged 0 - 5years within the community. Child and Family Health Nurses work in partnership with parents and carers using a strengths-based approach to promote the health and wellbeing of children and families.
    Child and Family Health Nursing services comprise a range of activities, including:

    • Universal Health Home Visiting (UHHV) is offered to all families within two, at most four, weeks of the birth of a baby.
    • Sustained Home Visiting (SHV) is provided for families with complex health and social issues, including families with drug and alcohol issues, mental health issues, maternal disability, parenting difficulties and to young parents and Aboriginal families.
    • Breastfeeding clinics and support groups to promote breastfeeding and assist mothers managing lactation and associated issues.
    • Developmental assessment of children from birth to five years of age.
    • Young Parent Service offered to 'at risk' young parents using a sustained nurse home visiting (SHV) model

  • Community Health Specialist Services has nursing staff in its Sexual Health Service (RPA Sexual Health), Youth Health Service and Women's Health Service. RPA Sexual Health is the second largest sexual health clinic in NSW and in addition to medical and counselling services, includes nurse-only clinics and testing for sexually transmitted infections through nurse outreach. The Youthblock Youth Health Service provides nurse-only clinics on-site and delivered via outreach to community settings. Nurse-specific services include vision and hearing checks as well as testing for sexually transmitted infections. The Women's Health Service no longer provides direct nursing services but is engaged in capacity building, community development programs and research activities

A comprehensive education and competency framework is available to all nursing staff to support skill development and quality patient care

Concord Repatriation General Hospital (CRGH)

Concord Repatriation General Hospital (CRGH)

Concord Repatriation General Hospital (CRGH) nurses are highly skilled and educated clinicians who are committed to delivering quality patient care.

CRGH is an exciting hospital with expanding services and provides both extensive educational and professional development opportunities for nurses.

CRGH is a principal tertiary referral hospital and a teaching hospital of the University of Sydney. CRGH has a well-deserved reputation for excellence and offers a range of specialty and sub-specialty services which are recognised nationally and internationally.

Major clinical services includes being a major part of the State-wide Burns Injury Service, colorectal and laparoscopic surgery, gastroenterology and liver services, neurology and stroke services, geriatrics and rehabilitation medicine, extensive cancer services, respiratory medicine, bone and joint services and a busy Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit.

CRGH is located near Sydney Olympic Park on the Parramatta River. The hospital is surrounded by parkland and is well serviced by public transport including bus and train services.

Drug Health Services

Drug Health Services (DHS) aim to improve health and reduce drug related harm for individuals, their families, and the wider community of Sydney Local Health District (SLHD). The service recognises the interactions between drug and alcohol issues and other health and social problems and aims to provide equity of access through a comprehensive range of specialist services to prevent and treat drug related harm.

Nursing Services within Drug Health are diverse incorporating EN, RN, CNS, CNE, CNC, NUM and Nurse Managers who deliver dynamic treatment programs for both in-patient and out-patient settings, offering shift work as well as Monday to Friday hours. Services including: Assessment and Brief Interventions, Consult and Liaison, Opioid Treatment Programs, Out-patient Clinics, Perinatal and Family Services, Research Opportunities, Residential Rehabilitation and Withdrawal Management Programs.

Mental Health Services

Mental Health is a clinical stream working across both Sydney Local Health District and South West Sydney Local Health Districts. The Nursing division consists of around 1000 mental health nurses distributed across both health districts. This includes in-patient and community mental health services in a range of speciality mental health services, Infant, Child and Adolescent, Youth, Adult and Specialist Mental Health Services for Older Persons, within Acute and Rehabilitation & Recovery Services.

The Nursing division prides itself on being a supportive training environment and employees around 80 new nurses each year via a Transition to Mental Health Nursing Program. This provides newly graduated nurses with valuable experience in a wide range of clinical settings and specialties. It also enables nursing currently working in other clinical areas to enter mental health nursing within a supportive environment.

Our mental health nursing workforce is dynamic, motivated and multicultural. Many of our nurses are notable for their achievements in research and innovative clinical practice. The high quality of our mental health service is a testament to the skill and professionalism of our mental health nurses who make up around 70% of the clinical workforce.

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH) is a major tertiary referral hospital located in the heart of Sydney. RPAH nurses and midwives are proud to work in a hospital that is not only rich in tradition and clinical excellence but one which provides extraordinary professional development opportunities.

From the Emergency Department, Intensive Care, Operating Theatres, Maternity and the various medical and surgical wards, the nurses and midwives at RPAH aim to provide outstanding person centred care within the context of evidence based practice. There is a strong culture of continual improvement and a commitment to teaching less experienced staff. Some of the development opportunities available at RPAH are listed below:

RPAH Transition Nurse Program - General & Perioperative
RPAH Intensive Care Introductory Program
RPAH Cardiac Course
RPAH Management Development Program
SLHD Leaders of the Future Program

Additionally, there is support for paid study leave in relation to relevant conferences, short courses and post graduate qualifications. Furthermore, nurses and midwives have secondment opportunities which assist with relevant skill development for higher or alternative positions.

RPAH nurses and midwives are role models and leaders within their profession. They are proficiently competent and always strive to provide excellent patient care.


Tresillian Family Care Centres

Tresillian Family Care Centre (TFCC) is a third schedule public hospital providing state-wide, specialised child and family health services.  Tresillian’s Model of Care incorporates primary (Level 1- universal support), secondary (Level 2- prevention and early intervention) and tertiary (Level 3- complex needs) services for parents with children up to the age of five years.  The level of service offered is dependent on the individual needs of the family.

TFCC consists of four facilities within the Sydney Metropolitan region.  The centres are located at Canterbury, Willoughby and Wollstonecraft (Sydney LHD); and Nepean (Nepean Blue Mountains LHD).

Tresillian’s role is to:

  • Provide holistic family care within a primary health care framework through a range of services responsive to community needs.  Primary health care includes specialised nursing care, medical support, psycho-social
  • interventions, family advocacy, health promotion and clinical assessment of the growth and development of infants and young children; and,
  • Provide child and family health education and associated resources in child and family health to health professionals and the community.

Tresillian uses an integrated team approach in collaboration with community service providers which aims to:

  • improve child health and wellbeing by providing services that meet the individual needs of families with children up to five years of age;
  • enhance family and social functioning through engagement with community services;
  • work collaboratively with community service providers to improve continuity of care by the determination of vulnerabilities and the level of ongoing care required to increase family strengths.

The provision of care at Tresillian is in line with the NSW Health (2009) Supporting Families Early Package, and consists of the following elements:

  • comprehensive health care assessments of the infant/child;
  • determination of family strengths and vulnerabilities;
  • determination of the level of care required;
  • a multidisciplinary approach to case management; and,
  • co-ordinated discharge planning; including discharge risk assessment.

Services Included:

  • Residential
  • Day Stay
  • Outreach
  • Parents Help Line
  • Tresillian Live Advice

Numerous Group Programs, including:

  • Parent/Infant Attachment
  • Toddler Tactics
  • Sleep & Settling
  • Circle of Security

Education for Health Professionals
Tresillian, in partnership with the facility of Nursing, Midwifery & Health, UTS, offers a Graduate Certificate in Child & Family Health Nursing. 
Other educational programs through TAFE, support the Enrolled Mothercraft nurses to maintain currency in this speciality.
Clinical Placements are offered to Midwifery Students and international visitors are welcomed.

Tresillian is proud to support the position of Chair Child and Family at Tresillian in conjunction with UTS.