Oral Health Oral Health

Mission, Goals and Values

Our Mission

"To protect, promote, maintain and improve the oral health of the eligible population of SLHD, whilst strengthening access to services and programs for communities who are vulnerable, marginalised or experiencing the poorest health."

Our Goals

  • To maintain the oral health of eligible populations.
  • To promote the importance of oral health as an integral part of general health.
  • To provide appropriate and evidence-based oral health care.
  • To deliver high quality oral health services.
  • To manage oral health services effectively and efficiently.

Our Values

Sydney Dental Hospital (SDH) and Oral Health Services (OHS) is an equal opportunity employer providing a range of opportunities to skilled and highly motivated people. Here at SDH and OHS we directly support the CORE values of Sydney Local Health District:

Collaboration   Collaboration

Improving and sustaining performance depends on everyone in the system working as a team.

Openness   Openness

Transparent performance monitoring and reporting is essential to make sure the facts are known and acknowledged, even if at times this may be uncomfortable.

Respect   Respect

The role of everyone engaged in improving performance is valued.

Empowerment   Empowerment

There must be trust on all sides and at all levels for people to improve performance in a sustainable way.