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Working With Us

Working at Sydney Dental Hospital and Oral Health Services
Sydney Dental Hospital (SDH) and Oral Health Services (OHS) have a proud history of serving our community since 1904. We are a centre of excellence that throughout our history have been a key driver in shaping oral health and dental care in Australia. Our loyal and committed staff help us deliver outstanding patient care and we work hard to foster a positive and constructive organisational culture.

For Our Staff
SDH and OHS, in partnership with the Centre for Education and Workforce Development, have a strong commitment to providing its workforce with the necessary skills and experience to ensure excellence in healthcare for all. We provide employees with a wide range of education and career development opportunities across broad domains including engagement, education and research, innovation, technical and clinical skills, governance, management and leadership. We deliver education services using face-to-face workshops, clinical simulation, e-learning and team based training in the workplace. We also conduct courses that result in nationally-recognised qualifications and partner with universities to offer post graduate qualifications.

Graduate Career Opportunities
New Graduate Dentist Program
The New Graduate Dentist Program offers graduates the opportunity to consolidate their skills in a supportive environment. At completion of the 12 month program, dentists have improved their confidence and competencies and are capable recent graduates. The program includes continuing professional development opportunities, and mentoring from senior clinicians in general dentistry, paediatrics, oral surgery, prosthodontics, endodontics and periodontics. The one year Program is available to new graduates only and six positions are available each year.

Resident Programs
The Sydney Dental Hospital Resident Programs are designed for early career dentists to explore specialist practice with a view to possible preparation for postgraduate training. The Program offers training, education and career development in the following specialities: paediatrics, oral surgery, prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontics and special care dentistry. There are currently 11 positions available each year. On successful completion of a Program, residents may be offered a position in the Oral Health Service subject to performance and availability of vacancies.

or more information about volunteering, please contact our Human Resources Manager via email SDH.HR@sswahs.nsw.gov.au