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HIV and Related Programs (HARP) Unit

The HARP Unit provides strategic oversight, planning, performance and business support to a range of HARP services in Sydney LHD. The HARP Unit supports services to meet the District KPIs and statewide targets in the NSW HIV/STI, Hepatitis B and C Strategies, including the virtual elimination of HIV and hepatitis C transmission in the NSW population.

HARP Health Promotion Team

The HARP Health Promotion Team is responsible for the planning, implementation and evaluation of health promotion programs and initiatives to increase HIV and blood borne virus prevention, testing and treatment.  The Team works closely with a range of internal and external stakeholders including clinical services, NGOs, the CESPHN, and research institutions and has a focus on community engagement of priority populations.

PozhetPozhet (Heterosexual HIV Service)

Pozhet is a state-wide service funded by the NSW Ministry of Health (MoH) and hosted by the District. The service has client-facing programs to support heterosexual people living with HIV, population level HIV prevention and testing promotion, workforce development and capacity building for health care providers. Service re-orientation to reflect the changing NSW HIV prevention, testing and treatment landscape is an ongoing challenge. The service has an important role in ensuring that knowledge of the advances in HIV prevention and treatment reach the NSW heterosexual population, particularly sub-populations at risk of HIV transmission.

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